Kegel training is important. Our Pelvic Floor is an often-overlooked set of muscles and yet it can make such a difference to our lives. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of Kegel training and own a few devices for this. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t curious to test out the Lurepink Kegel Balls.

The Lurepink Kegel Balls arrive in a little black box with a sticker on the front bearing the Lurepink logo. Inside sits five small weighted balls, two silicone cases for them and a storage bag. I’m struck straight away by the pretty colours and how pleasing the Lurepink Kegel Balls are to the eye.

Varied Weights

Closer inspection shows each of the various coloured pink balls is a different weight. This is printed into the surface of the ball. The weights are;

White ball – 35g

Baby Pink ball – 40g

Lilac ball -60g

Hot Pink ball -70g

Plum ball – 80g

There is quite a broad selection of weights there and the difference between the white and plum ball is significant even in my hand.

Singular or Dual Weight Option

Included with the weights are two grey silicone sleeves. These give you option to use one ball at a time or combine them for more advanced training. When combined you can go from 35g to up to 150g.

The silicone sleeves are very easy to use. Simply stretch the compartments and slide the ball of your choice into the sleeve. The colour compliments the pink tones nicely and give the full set a great look.

Smooth, Soft Silicone

The silicone is very matt in texture and feels smooth and soft in my hand. I’m happy to see the Lurepink Kegel Balls are made of silicone too. I’m much happier using silicone toys for Kegel training than metal. This is just a personal preference, but they feel more comfortable.

Being made of silicone the Lurepink Kegel Balls are totally body safe and non-porous. This is great and as regular readers will know I only advocate the usage of body safe toys. Porous toys are impossible to deep clean as bacteria can be absorbed into the surface of the toy. Given Kegel Balls are worn internally for a period of time you really don’t want dodgy materials.

Very User-Friendly

The balls themselves are a good little size at 1.4” diameter. Kept in the included storage bag it would be very easy to squirrel this little set into your bag or bedside drawer to be able to use at any time. The beauty of Kegel Training is it can be done at your desk, in front of the telly or whilst cooking the dinner.

Because the surface is so matt I suggest using a little water-based lube to aid insertion. Make sure you only use water-based lube as anything else will damage the silicone surface. This can also aid inserting the balls into the sleeves if you find this difficult.

I started off using the one ball sleeve and the smallest weight (the white ball) as anyone new to Kegel Training needs to start gradually. Insertion was easy. Much like a tampon the sleeves have a flexible silicone retrieval cord which you leave outside your body. The sleeve slid inside me easily and felt very comfortable.

Reap the Benefits

To train your pelvic floor you’ll need to wear the Lurepink Kegel Balls for 10-15 minutes whilst doing Kegel Exercises. At first there is a definite sensation of weight. As your training progresses this becomes less and less. This is where you can upgrade the weight and increase your training.

Pulling those muscles up and holding the weight inside you in short sets will quickly reap benefits. There is no doubt that I’ve benefitted from Kegel Training. After having my children by vaginal birth and both of them being on the larger end of the scale my pelvic floor was shot.

I found building regular pelvic training into my schedule allowed me to deal with health issues but also improved my sex life and responses. The pelvic floor appears to react to training quite quickly and within a few weeks there were definite improvements.

Challenging Myself

Thanks to my training regime I was able to try the upper weight combo as well. The dual sleeve is just as comfortable as the singular one and as easy to insert.

The top weight was a bit of a challenge for me, making me wonder if I need to challenge myself rather than sticking to weights I’m comfortable with. I really like how customisable the Lurepink Kegel Balls are. There are 15 different weight combos available making them suitable for everyone looking to tone up their pelvic floor.

Cleaning the Lurepink Kegel Balls is really easy. Thanks to the silicone surface you can wash them in hot water and antibacterial soap. Pay close attention to the sleeves though, be sure to turn the little ball pouches inside out.

In Summary

I really like the Lurepink Kegel Balls. It’s a cute, stylish looking kit which caters for a wide variety of needs. Lurepink sell the Lurepink Kegel Balls for $49.00 which is a decent price too.

If you’re looking to start Kegel Training, are post-natal and feel like you’d like to tone up your pelvic floor or have started to notice stress incontinence or aching this is a great option to help you sort this out.

Thank you to the fabulous folk at Lurepink for sending me the Lurepink Kegel Balls for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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