Lovehoney always seem to pull off an absolute triumph with their winter season Plus Size Lingerie. Last year’s Moonlight collection were favourites and this year is the turn of the Boudoir Belle. Specifically, the Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque. This stunning collection caught my eye the second Lovehoney launched it so when I was offered the chance to review my favourite item I was thrilled.

Lovehoney have recently launched the #sexyisnotasize campaign aimed at promoting body confidence no matter what your size. I’m so here for this. I love to see big names like Lovehoney get behind this issue. Particularly as they are one of the front runners for championing it.

One Design Does Not Fit All

Lovehoney are one of the few retailers who alter design elements for the Plus Size variants of their base size garments. Rather than just running the one line 6-24. They run two specifically designed lines to meet the needs of that size bracket. And rather than up pricing the Plus Size (Oh it uses more material though!!) they keep it the same. For these reasons I will always be a Lovehoney Lingerie Fan Girl.

So why do I love the  Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque? To start the overall look is very burlesque. The colour is a deep pinkie cherry red, this is flirty and feminine and fills my fluffy little heart with joy.

Supportive Cups

The detailing is fabulous starting with the deep cups trimmed with frothy black lace skimming the cherry. Below this a boning effect around the cups bringing to your mind corseting. The wide straps are comfortable and supportive, lifting and sculpting without cutting into my shoulder.

The Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque does an excellent job of supporting my plentiful cleavage. The moulded underwired cups push my boobs up and make the most of every curve.

Panelling Detail

The main body of the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque is made up of panelling. The sides of the Basque are made of a sheer mesh. These flatter and smooths the lines of your body whilst offering a tantalising hint of what lays beneath. Towards the centre this gives way to a layer of the cherry red microfibre overlaid with beautiful black floral lace. This is finished with a cherry red panel with black corset lacing effect across it.

The panelling is flattering and smooths and hides any areas around your midriff you may be concerned about. The back of the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque is made entirely of black mesh allowing your partner a glimpse of what’s to come.

Multiple rows of hook and eye fasteners allow scope for change in fit. Altering the width by about an inch. I love this feature as my weight can fluctuate. Along the hemline of the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque sits a trim of black lace, adding extra length to the Basque body and another nod to the burlesque.

Suspender Issues

Attached to the hem are 4 removable adjustable suspenders. These seem better than the ones I’ve recently reviewed for Lovehoney (The Belle Amour and Rendezvous) but still don’t seem to sit as securely as previous versions of Lovehoney suspenders. I like the amount of adjustability as I’m very short and finding suspenders that fit is tough. I teamed my Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque with deep lace top stockings for ultimate burlesque vibes. However, thanks to the removable suspenders you can wear hold ups or indeed no hosiery.

There is a very light amount of plastic boning in the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque. This helps to sculpt your shape and smooth your silhouette. But you must remember to hang or store your Basque flat otherwise you can risk damaging these delicate bones.

Included with the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque is a small cherry red G String. I do so hate the ubiquitous G String and really hope eventually they will find their way to including more full bottomed knicker options with their lingerie sets. But this is far from just Lovehoney.

Fabulous Fit

In terms of fit the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque is one of my favourite lingerie sets this year. It feels great when wearing it, I feel sexy and flirty but not at all trussed up or uncomfortable. The designers have put thought into how to upscale the Boudoir Belle range to Plus Sizes and it shows.

I love the striking contrast of the cherry red and black, the frothy lace, the corset detailing. It looks like I should be serving behind a saloon bar in the Wild West.

In Summary

Another thing I love about Lovehoney Lingerie is how affordable it is. This beauty is sold at just £39.99 which is a steal for a look this cute.

You can purchase Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque in both base and Plus Size from Lovehoney for £39.99. Other styles are available in this range.

Thank you so much to Lovehoney for sending me the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push Up Basque for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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