I’m constantly banging on about the lack of Plus Size lingerie on the market. Or more to the point a lack of well-designed Plus Size lingerie. So, when I was approached by Lovehoney to review their new Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque I was over the moon. This launch forms part of the #Sexyisnotasize campaign and I for one welcome this!

One of the driving forces behind my blogging is the idea that we are all sexy, regardless of size, shape or age. We are all someone’s cup of tea or shot of whisky. I regularly get feedback from women saying my site has given them the confidence to buy some lingerie to share with their partner, or to take a sexy selfie. Why shouldn’t we all enjoy this level of sexual confidence?

Design Problems

In my opinion a huge part of what makes lingerie less accessible to plus size consumers is poor design. You can’t just upscale a design meant for a size 8. The fit will be a disaster. Lovehoney are one of the companies who get this. They regularly launch lingerie across base and plus size and you can see the differences in design between the two.

The Belle Amour range is a romantic, traditional style of lingerie. Red and black in colour it’s almost Valentines-esque. Now it has to be said red is not my favourite colour for lingerie. If done badly it can look cheap and it clashes with my hair. The first thing I noticed upon opening the bag containing my Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque was the red is not at all cheap looking. It’s a glorious deep rich red and brings to mind Saloon girls from the wild west.

Striking Contrast

Overlaid across the top of the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque is a beautiful black floral lace. This contrast is striking and adds texture and depth to the Basque. The lace falls across the middle of the piece, forming almost a V. This starts across the cups and ends at the base of the Basque. It draws the eye and breaks up the front of the body in a flattering way.

For me one of the key things about lingerie is support. I have large boobs and if they aren’t supported I don’t feel sexy and my silhouette looks lumpy. The Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque has slightly padded cups with a good strong underwire.

Thick Straps

This is aided by wide, thick straps which sit beautifully and don’t cut in at all. Another very important thing to consider in Plus Size lingerie. Attached to the cups are black strapping which sit across my boobs creating a cage-like look. This adds a modern twist to a quite vintage look, and I love it.

The cups are adorned with a bow at each shoulder and one between the cups, dressed with a tiny Lovehoney symbol. The lace overlay on the cups is very sexy, but I noticed where it’s not attached it can bunch up at the side.

The Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque has plastic boning in the body helping to create a smooth shape. These are very comfortable, and I hardly notice them. Remember after washing to either lay your Basque flat or hang it to avoid damaging these bones.

Suspender Drama

At the base of the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque sit four wide suspenders. These are removeable, in fact I found mine kept coming off. Eventually this became annoying and I may well stitch them on to avoid keep having to reattach them. I’m mindful of losing one somewhere in the washing. The suspenders are red, trimmed with black ribbon covering the large gold clips.

I won’t lie, I did actually hate these clips. They’re without doubt my least favourite thing about the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque. They come loose all the time, I’m pretty much a dab hand at fastening stockings as I do it all the time. But no matter what I did these just worked their way out every time.

The suspenders are adjustable, but for my short frame they were far too long and tended to pucker every time I sat or knelt. I struggle to find suspenders which adjust short enough for me.

Perfect Fit

The back of the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque has a row of three hook and eye fasteners allowing good scope to tighten or loosen the fit. Speaking of the fit I found it generous and comfortable. I didn’t feel “Trussed Up” instead the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque smooths over my curves closely but not tightly.

The accompanying knickers are a breath of fresh air in the world of Plus Size lingerie. Instead of the omnipresent G String Lovehoney have gone with a wide band of lace which resembles a suspender belt, attached to this is an open crotch thong. Whilst its still not a full brief it’s definitely more flattering than a G String and I love it.

In Summary

When wearing the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque I feel glamourous and sexy. It’s flattering design makes the most of my curves, showing them off and concealing the bits I’m less happy about. I really love the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque. In fact, I’d go as far as to say its probably my favourite lingerie this year so far.

Lovehoney sell the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque for £39.99 and is available across sizes 18-28.

Thank you so much to Lovehoney for sending me the Belle Amour Plus Size Red and Black Basque for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


  1. I do find that any size ladies can be sexy…and it’s all about feeling comfortable and confident..
    Having read what you have said about Love Honey’s Belle Amour Plus size Red and Black Basque, I might just buy some for my wife this xmas.


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