Subscription boxes are popping up all over the place with all kinds of themes. Sex toy subscription boxes have been around a little while, with varying degrees of success. When I was asked if I’d like the chance to review the LoveDrop subscription box the aesthetic pulled me in straight away.

LoveDrop bills itself as date night in a box. Aimed at couples the theme of the box is clearly a couples, romantic vibe. The boxes are sent out bi-monthly by the 10th of the month. The idea is to help couples inject a little more time and effort into their sex lives. Hell, I’m all for this.

“At LoveDrop we know that healthy relationships require time, effort and investment. Planning a date night and time for each other can be a challenge with the business of life; making time for exciting sex is another challenge still! Bringing that spice to the bedroom isn’t always as simple as it should be, so we’ve decided to give it a helping hand.”

I wholeheartedly agree that often the issue in a relationship is life gets in the way of the excitement and passion. Anything which encourages couples to spend more time together and explore each other sexually gets thumbs up from this girl. The website suggests;

“Make it your agreement with each other that you promise to try whatever arrives…”

Usually I’d have some issues with this suggestion. Sex is very subjective and personal, not everything is for everyone. But the box feels very vanilla and I feel like the chances of getting a speculum or cock cage within a LoveDrop box are nil.

What is a LoveDrop?

Cancelling your LoveDrop subscription is easily done via the site so you aren’t locked into the commitment for any longer than the month, which is good. The website promises each box will contain:

A designer sex toy to enjoy together

Date night gifts

Activities and games to spice up those intimate moments

Samples of lube, chocolate, condoms etc.

My LoveDrop box arrived inside a plain box for ultimate discretion. The LoveDrop box itself was black with pink accents. The logo was printed on the top of the box but aside from this you wouldn’t know what the contents held. On the front of the box is printed “We promise to make time for us” this makes me almost want to hug the box. It’s so cute.

Opening My LoveDrop

Inside the presentation is very nice. The items are nestled within black packing and laid out beautifully. The cards included sit on the top and removing them I can see one is a contents card for the box. This also contains date suggestions and challenges. This is a nice idea and if you’re committed to taking the box seriously it gives you something to work to.

So, what does my LoveDrop box contain?

Perlesque Clio Love Balls – £20

Perlesque Hera Cock Ring – £25

Mylk Choc and Pink Himalayan Salt by Raw Halo – £2.79

Reasons Why I Love You Tag Book by Katuu – £9

LoveDrop Prompt Cards – £9.95

Given that the cost of the LoveDrop box is £45 I can see straight away that the toys included alone are the value of the box. This is quite impressive, also included in the box are a couple of samples of LELO lube and some HEX condoms.

Perlesque Clio Love Balls

The Perlesque Clio Love Balls come in a little grey box, which looks very sophisticated. Inside nestled into a white foam base sits the Clio Love Balls. These consist of two balls connected by a silicone band. There is a long silicone tail to enable easy retrieval of the Clio Love Balls. Grey in colour the Perlesque Clio Love Balls are 4 inches in circumference, so very user friendly. The total length of the Clio Love Balls is 15cm and 7cm of this is insertable.

The balls contain small weights which move around inside you as you wear them. This enables the Clio Love Balls to work your pelvic floor as well as give you some nice internal sensation. The surface of the Clio Love Balls is covered in geometric patterns. This was purely decorative for me as it made no real impact during wear.

The Clio Love Balls are made from body safe silicone and feel very soft to the touch, almost silky. But the matt surface will require lube for insertion and this needs to be a water-based lube as silicone lubes will damage the surface of the balls. Handily the LELO lube included with LoveDrop was water based.

For me the Clio Love Balls feel more like pelvic floor training than sexy foreplay. The weights moving inside me do feel nice, but it’s quite a subtle sensation. Still, the Perlesque Clio Love Balls are a nice high-quality item.

Perlesque Hera Cock Ring

The Perlesque Hera Cock Ring is a clever idea. Basically, it incorporates a vibrating unit within a silicone cock ring. There is an awful lot of stretch within the ring so don’t let the 1-inch diameter worry you. The unit takes 3 Cell batteries which are included but hidden away in the bottom of the box. Once the batteries are installed you need to pop the unit back into its little silicone sheath. On the end of the unit is an on/off button but the vibrations are triggered by a sensor on the side of the unit.

This sensor needs to be peeking out of the hole in the sheath. This is clever, and I quickly realised it didn’t need skin contact to trigger the vibrations, even passing my hand over the top of the sensor made the unit start vibrating. The vibrations aren’t fantastic, very buzzy and shallow.

In use the Hera Cock ring is very hit and miss. My partner enjoyed the sensations which is great but for me they were so intermittent and hit and miss I barely noticed them. I was pleased he liked it though. And it did add some humour into our play as we tried to get the Hera to cooperate in a way which thrilled us both. For us the Hera is a bit of a fail.

Chocolate and Love Tags

The Mylk Choc and Pink Himalayan salt chocolate was very nice, a deep dark tasting chocolate which was clearly high quality and the little sample was big enough to share which was cute. Chocolate is often included in these boxes, I can see where the idea comes from but for me I don’t really mix food and sex.

The “Reasons Why I Love You” tag book is a lovely idea, and I’d probably die a thousand deaths of cuteness if someone did this for me. Basically, it’s a little wooden tag which you thread an included ribbon through to attach pre-cut notes to. On these you list things you love about your partner. It’s very sweet and it gave me squishes of the heart looking at it.

If you were in a long term committed relationship this would be a lovely thing. But it does feel a little forced if you were doing it as a couple’s activity. I guess it’s supposed to make you stop and think about the things you appreciate about your partner.

Other Bits in the Box

The LoveDrop prompt cards are self explanatory. A neat little parcel contains a stack of cards with cute ideas and sensual exploration. The suggestions range from ideas to explore different sexual experiences to ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

The samples included were a couple of nice pillows of LELO water-based lube which was very nice, and some HEX condoms which are controversial within the sex toy world and I wouldn’t use. HEX is marketed as a condom which won’t disintegrate if it splits.

Basically, you could have a small tear in the condom and potentially not notice. For me this is a bit of an issue. If my condom fails I want to know about it. Otherwise how can I take precautions or know to get tested? Whilst I accept a small tear reduces the chances of infection or pregnancy as opposed to a complete disintegration at least if I know the fail has happened I can deal with it properly. For me this is too much of a concern to just ignore, which is a shame because HEX do feel like a good strong condom which still offers plenty of sensation.

In Summary

My overall feeling about LoveDrop is that it’s a cute, romantic way to spend an evening together if you’re part of a couple. For a new couple it would be fun and for a long-term partnership it would inject some couple times, and maybe help relight the passion if that’s been lost. However, this is very much a couple’s thing.

If you’re a single person looking for a sex toy box this is not the box you’re looking for. Equally if you’re in a casual relationship or a mainly sex based thing, items like the Love Tags will be scary as hell. I’d like to see LoveDrop maybe incorporate a box for singles or a more sex themed box into its repertoire.

I thought the LoveDrop box was pretty and very romantic, and we could all do with a little more romance in our lives. The cost of the items was more than the cost of the box, which makes it excellent value. The contents were of a decent quality. My only real issue here is the box is clearly intended for a man and woman. What if that isn’t the nature of your relationship? Perhaps there needs to be a selection of boxes available to meet the diverse nature of relationships.

I liked the LoveDrop box. It’s pretty and romantic. Ok this might not suit everyone’s tastes but anything which encourages us to value our other halves a little more is worth a go if you ask me.

Thank you to LoveDrop for sending me the LoveDrop Box to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

LoveDrop Subscription Box
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