I love erotica. My kindle is literally full to the brim with erotic fiction of all types. From classic erotica to hardcore wank bank fantasies. Recently I reviewed a short story for The Pleasure Panel called “Stormy Night” by Jade Stratton. I really enjoyed “Stormy Night” and went on to buy another of Jade’s short stories, “Sharing Daniel”, which I enjoyed enormously. When Jade offered me the chance to read some of her other erotic fiction I was thrilled. I chose “Jade’s Diary; The House Call” for my first review.

“Jade’s Diary; The House Call” is the story of Paige, disillusioned with her boring life and fed up with her job she flirts with online stranger Jade to cheer herself up. The escalating flirting leads somewhere she definitely wasn’t expecting and results in a seriously sexy encounter she won’t soon forget.  Jade’s tedium at her everyday life and frustration is totally believable as we all have those “Do I really have to get up?” days. You can very easily imagine her getting drawn into an online flirtation to lift her spirits and add a little spice to her routine. The mysterious Jade is an interesting character. She’s very dominant and strong, I absolutely loved her. She engineered a perfect situation to get what she wanted from Paige and much to her initial surprise Paige loves it. Paige is a likeable character who you feel bites off a little more than she can chew with the formidable Jade. There was no drawn out background story, it felt like we were pretty much dropped straight in the action.

The erotic scenes in “Jade’s Diary; The House Call” were less erotica and more hardcore. Jade Stratton paints a picture of the encounter between Jade and Paige that leaves nothing to the imagination. You can almost hear the moans and taste the sweat. I really enjoyed the way Jade slowly builds the intensity of the “examination” Paige is put through. I definitely felt myself getting horny reading the descriptive prose detailing Nurse Jade’s thorough and detailed handling of poor frustrated Paige and the tease she endures translates to the reader too. I really enjoyed the use of toys in this short story and also found it a nice change to have a hardcore story with no male character at all. It’s not always about the penis fellas. There was a nice variety of sexual play, which is often missing in erotic short stories and they can sometimes feel a bit formulaic. Being a switch I felt I could relate to both women in this super charged D/s scene.

As a bisexual woman I will definitely be keeping “Jade’s Dairy; The House Call” in my fictional wank bank, but I think this story would appeal to all erotic fiction fans. This is the third of Jade Stratton’s short stories I’ve read and they have all been very different in content and in levels of kink. This is great as it means Stratton can appeal to a wide range of audiences from the harder, kinkier tastes to those looking for something more like sensual fiction. So far this has been one of my favourite stories of Stratton’s especially as it had a deliciously kinky twist at the end. I would give “Jade’s Diary; The House Call” an 8/10. I very much enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to anyone of a kinky persuasion. I can’t wait to explore the other stories. You can find “Jade’s Diary; The House Call” and all her other stories available for purchase at Jade Stratton

“Jade’s Diary; The House Call” was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.




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