“I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night,

That tonight’s gonna be a good night,

That tonight’s gonna be a good good night…”

For me getting ready for a special night is almost as exciting as the event itself. Starting with selecting my chosen outfit, will it be sexy and slutty or demure and classy? Which lingerie will work underneath it and how will that factor into my plans for the night?

Putting on my make-up whilst listening to some tunes and ignoring the excited butterflies in my stomach. Paying careful attention to make sure I get it right. Carefully blending colours into the crease of my eyelid, lining them into a sexy cat’s eye. Will I get it symmetrical? Rarely. Final flourish as I attach my lashes.

Red and Racy

Lipstick chosen to match my mood, red and racy or nude like a sex kitten. Lined and filled and ready to pout. Applying a little blush, just enough to give me a sexy glow under the dim lights. To assist me in looking coy when I’m excited.

Hair curled and back combed, hours of labour with the curling iron to give me a perfectly tousled bed head look. If only I did get out of bed looking like that. Pinned and sprayed, I hope that later it’ll be in disarray.

How Times Change

Smoothing on my stockings and attaching my suspenders, trying to keep my mind on the job at hand. Its impossible. My thoughts wander to nights long past now, similar feelings and butterflies. How times change.

Surveying the lingerie, plumping my boobs as I slip my dress on. It feels a little like wrapping a present. As I buckle my heels I hope he’ll take time unwrapping me.

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