Despite it being 2018 and feeling like we are in the middle of a sexual revolution it still seems to me that male masturbation devices are viewed with sideways eyes. Despite women shouting from the rooftops about their favourite dildos or vibes (please see my entire social media feed on every account.) Men still seems to feel there is something a bit sketchy about using anything other than their hand to wank with.

Hot Octopuss has been one of the front runners in smashing this stereotype with their range of cool AF guybrators. The various versions of the Pulse have change how men think about masturbation devices. No longer is it a stroker or nah. I love the whole ethos behind the Pulse range and was thrilled when I received the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote for review.

Painfully Cool

The packaging on the Pocket Pulse Remote is painfully cool. Metallic gold bearing pictures of beautiful men it almost pained me to open it. Inside the box sat the little Pocket Pulse Remote. Looking very much like a slightly shrunken version of the Pulse I wondered whether it would feel much different in use.

Where the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse differs from the Pulse is in the way it stimulates. Apart from being more compact the Pocket Pulse houses two motors to create serious vibration through the small unit. Where the Pulse stimulates using oscillation. The Pulse is designed to be able to stimulate you statically. The Pocket Pulse is built to enhance the stroking motion.

Stylised Design

The Pocket Pulse Remote measures 3 ¾ inches in length and around 2 inches in width. The Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote has a flexible arm which sits over the top of the unit in place of the wings of the original Pulse. I assume this is to aid the unit staying in place during wanking. There’s a great deal of flexibility to this arm so there should be no worries about will you fit.

The core of the Pocket Pulse is made of black silicone and the rest is a sleek black plastic. When I reviewed the Pulse II, I commented that it wouldn’t look out of place on the Star Ship Enterprise and this element is still present in this smaller version. It’s very stylised and doesn’t look at all like it should be used for masturbation.

Easy Controls

The controls are situated either side of the unit and are marked out by a + and – button. My playmate told me that he found the controls very easy to use, it was almost as if his thumb and finger sat on them during use and changing intensity was no problem.

There are 7 levels of vibration to the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote. And boy is there some vibration to this bad boy. As a clit owner I was eyeing the Pocket Pulse with great envy as the vibration jacked up to its teeth rattling highest. Scrolling through these levels is as easy as pressing the plus or minus button. To switch the Pocket Pulse on simply hold the + button, do the same with the – to switch off. Easy as can be.

Putting Me in Control

One of the fun things about the Pocket Pulse Remote is the remote function. This allows either him or me to change the function without touching the unit. I found this enjoyable, particularly as I usually have very little control during sex. It was great fun to be able to ramp up the sensation and watch his face as the vibration takes him higher.

The little remote is a small disc which is battery operated. It does come with batteries which I was so grateful for as I never have any. On one side is the battery compartment and on the other, are plus/minus buttons. The remote can’t be used to switch the main Pocket Pulse unit on or off but it scrolls through the settings with no delay or lag at all.

I’ve played with remote control toys before but always on the other side of the fence. So, I loved this aspect of the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote. Thank you so much Hot Octopuss for adding this feature.

Rechargeable and Waterproof

The Pocket Pulse Remote is USB rechargeable and comes with its own charging cable. It’s always advisable to give a toy a full charge before first use and the Pocket Pulse charged quickly so it was no drama. The charge point is a small concealed sealed holed at the base of the unit. You need to puncture this with the charger to make the connection. Thanks to this sealed charge point the Pocket Pulse Remote is also fully waterproof. Meaning you can take it into the bath or shower to make the most of those alone times.

Using the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote is very easy. Applying a little water based lube to the inside of the unit you simply place your cock into the middle of the unit. This can be done soft or hard. I do advise using lube with the Pocket Pulse Remote, the silicone is extremely matt and has a lot of drag. This would cause far too much friction if used without lube. Because the Pocket Pulse Remote is silicone make sure your lube is water based as silicone or oil lubes will damage the surface.

Rock Hard

Starting with a low vibration setting my playmate found the sensation had him rock hard in a very short period. The vibration against his frenulum was very intense and had him making audible sounds of pleasure. This is one of the clever things which sets the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse and other Pulse devices apart from other masturbation devices. You don’t need to be fully erect to use them.

The difference between the lowest and highest settings is huge and this gave us lots of scope to increase the sensation and play. I had great fun edging him for ages using the remote. Watching him for clues as to how close he was before dialling it back again. At the top level the vibration is very strong and on this setting, he climaxed very quickly, much to his surprise.

Super Strong Vibration

The vibrations are super strong and deep. Very rumbly and he did say they travelled through his hand a fair bit. But because of the nature of wrapping your hand around the unit I’m not sure how this could be remedied. It seems a small price to pay really, a tingly hand for kick ass vibration.

He described the feeling to me as very similar to have the Doxy held against him, but with the added stimulation of the stroking. Kind of like a super charged wank. Both of us were a little concerned about the channel size in the middle, it does look a little snug. He did fit fine but if you were particularly thick it could be difficult to get the skin to silicone connection on the base of the core.

Jet-Like Volume

One other thing we both noticed was the noise level. Wow. There is no discretion to the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote. It sounds like a plane taking off on full power. Now although I’m mentioning this it didn’t detract from his enjoyment at all. But it will affect usability. It’s far too loud in the upper intensities to use without other people in the house being aware of it. We found on the lower levels you could disguise it with a telly or music, but it is still louder than most things in my collection.

My playmate found the new lightweight more compact unit was much easier to handle than the original Pulse. And despite it lacking the oscillation he enjoyed it just as much. It was plaintively obvious even to me how much just from watching. Sometimes the original unit felt a little bulky and awkward.

In Summary

The Pocket Pulse Remote is available from Hot Octopuss for £75.00 and without the remote the Unit is £69.00. This is a much more affordable way to experience the thrill of a guybrator than the original Pulse units. If you’re looking to invest in a male masturbation toy, then the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote is a great option. I’d go as far as to say it’s my favourite I’ve reviewed thanks to the interactive element.

Thank you so much to the amazing team at Hot Octopuss for sending me the Pocket Pulse Remote to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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