Historically I have been scathing about cock rings, the one exception to this was the Atom by Hot Octopuss. When they contacted me to see if I’d like to review their newest device for penile pleasure, I was curious about what they had in store. When the Hot Octopuss Jett arrived I barely noticed the sleek packaging, such was my curiosity for the design.

I can see the inspiration for the name. The Hot Octopuss Jett literally looks like a jet engine, especially when worn. Arriving essentially in 4 pieces the Hot Octopuss Jett is like a super charged version of every shit bullet toting cock ring you’ve ever tossed alongside the bed in annoyance.

Stretchy Black Silicone

The main body of the Hot Octopuss Jett is a thick black stretchy cock ring with two compartments beneath it. The actual ring of the Jett is ¾ of an inch in width so it’s quite a chunky piece. There is a lot of resistance in the stretch, but it does stretch well. I tested this on a ton of different dildos to check there was allowance for different penis size and indeed this was fine.

Unlike your traditional cock ring, the Hot Octopuss Jett sits at the tip of your penis. The thick under band is designed to rest beneath your frenulum. Into the two compartments below this band you slip the Jett’s engine. Two large silver bullets.

Bass and Treble

It took me a while of playing around to fully understand the way the bullets worked. At first holding them in my hand it was abundantly obvious there was a difference in vibration. But consulting the instructions I quickly realised they aren’t a matching pair.

One bullet is the Bass bullet and the other the Treble. The Bass bullet is designed to operate at a high frequency giving strong waves of vibration. The Treble is rumbly and deep, offering a thrum which passes right through you. The vibration on these bullets is intense and I find myself (as I always do with Hot Octopuss stuff) wishing I had a cock to try it.

Handset Control

The bullets have a wire protruding from the back, this plugs directly into the battery powered handset which accompanies the Hot Octopuss Jett. You need 4 AA batteries for this, and they aren’t included so buy in advance. The handset amuses me a little, reminding me of a TV remote control. A quick play allows me to see that I can adjust the Bass and Treble independently. Customising the effect.

On the handset there are two sets of controls. One for each bullet. These are simply a +/- button allowing to you travel up and down in intensity. There are 5 speed settings on each bullet. Add to this a mode button allowing you to add 5 patterns to the vibration. There is a LOT of intensity to the Hot Octopuss Jett so I would advise you to start slowly.

The great thing about the Hot Octopuss Jett is the ring is rigid and small enough to be applied when the cock is flaccid. The Jett does the work and expands with you as you get hard, and this doesn’t take long at all.

The Wonders of the Frenulum

Anyone who has ever experimented with holding a Doxy wand against the frenulum will know the intended effect here. The Frenulum is super sensitive and has been likened to the male version of the clitoris. It’s located on the underside of the penis, in the V where the head meets the shaft. Even light stimulation to this area creates quite an effect, intense sensations and a stronger orgasm when it comes.

The trick to using the Hot Octopuss Jett effectively is experimentation. You need to play with the settings to find the right levels of Bass and Treble for you. The intensity is so strong that you really don’t want to whack this straight up to 5. Start low and gradually experiment adding and removing the two elements.

Intense Sensations

My reviewer told me that the initial sensation took some getting used to, but he went from flaccid to hard extremely fast. He preferred less Bass and more Treble, but found once he had got the frequency right using the Hot Octopuss Jett was “mind blowing”. He said his orgasm was extremely powerful and longer than normal. Used in conjunction with a prostate plug he said he found it hard to find the words. My envy has only increased to be fair.

If I were to make any kind of complaint about the Hot Octopuss Jett it would be the noise. Jett by name, Jet-like by noise level. Holy shit this baby kicks up a racket. You certainly couldn’t use it when someone else was in the house. It almost rattles the windows at full power with both bullets on.


In Summary

The Hot Octopuss Jett is made primarily of silicone (well the ring and body are) so be careful with your lube choices. A little lube certainly aids the Jett to slide on your cock, but water-based is the best option here as anything else could damage the surface.

Hot Octopuss are pretty much always on the money with their stuff, and the Jett is no exception. It’s powerful, stylish and works like a charm. And with a price point of just £49.00 it’s definitely on the more affordable side of their products. If you’re looking to experiment with frenulum stimulation or love the thought of some hands free fun then the Hot Octopuss Jett is a great option.

Thanks so much to the awesome crew at Hot Octopuss for sending me the Jett for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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