The irony of being ghosted at Halloween. I’d told my friends I didn’t know what the problem was but that wasn’t true. It wasn’t his fault he got jealous when I went out and I really wanted to go to the Halloween party. I’d pushed my luck and he was punishing me, I was used to it. I put my phone back into my purse and tried to concentrate on looking like slutty Catwoman.

If I’m honest my heart wasn’t in it. I snuck out the back and slid down the wall in the garden. Bang in the middle of the grass stood a pumpkin headed scarecrow bearing an alarming resemblance to a particular orange President. “Make Halloween Great Again!” his shirt shouted. “I’d love to” I thought miserably.

My Hero

The gate banged, and I glanced up to see Batman striding up the garden path. Obviously not the real Batman but the thought made me giggle.

“Nice costume” I called over.

He approached me and squatted in front of me. I found myself looking into the most beautiful blue masked eyes and my stomach flipped.

“Why so sad?” his deep voice tickled something inside me. I debated telling him my relationship woes and decided it was un-Catwoman like so opted instead for a shrug. He sat beside me and we shared a comfortable silence, aware of our fingertips touching. Why was this giving me chills?

Acting on Instinct

I rested my head on his shoulder. I can’t explain why, it just felt right. Before I knew it, we were locked in a kiss. Hot and deep, his hand pressed on the back of my head. Arousal flooded through me, it felt so good to be wanted. I reached down and found the hardness I was looking for, this was no utility belt!

Pushing myself up the wall, he pulled my catsuit down. The Autumn air hit my skin, making me shiver and not just because of the cold. His lips found my nipples and suddenly I was very much slutty Catwoman. Pushing my bare tits up into his mouth, I brazenly demanded he fucked me.

Grabbing me around the waist he lifted me up and slid inside me. Filling me not just with his cock, but with a primal need to come. He drove himself into me brutally, nailing me to the wall. I cried out in pleasure, I didn’t give a fuck who might see. The pumpkin headed scarecrow was the only witness to my Halloween shame.


As my climax hit me I opened my eyes and saw it watching over his shoulder, a creepy smile across its smug orange face.

I slid back down the wall. The evidence of my indiscretion trickling down my thighs. Collapsing onto my heroes’ lap as his gloved fingers stroked my hair. He draped his cape over me and I felt contented.

My phone rang from my purse. Opening it I saw his name on the screen.

“Oh, fuck off” I said as I rejected the call.



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