Over the past few years I’ve noticed a few sex toy subscription boxes pop up to varying degrees of success. I know the lovely Ella Scandal went through a period of reviewing lots of them. One thing I’ve not really come across is one aimed at men. So, when I was contacted by the lovely Dee from the Hand Pilot to review a male masturbation subscription box I was intrigued.

The Hand Pilot bills itself as “masturbator of the month” club offering a box full of wank based goodies for guys. This is available in different grades and prices. There are 3 different value tiers.

Tiers of Value

Starting with the Recreational Pilot which includes a masturbation sleeve valued at $9.99 at least, a sachet of Powererect cream, a TSA approved lubricant, a cock ring, condom, TSA approved toy cleaner and a few pillows of lube. This costs $19 a month.

Captain Level box is like the Recreational Pilot only the masturbator is valued at $39.99+ and the lubricant is matched to the masturbator. This box is only released every 3 months and costs $49.00.

The top tier is Commander Level. Once again, this box is delivered every 3 months. The contents of this box are much like the others only the masturbator is valued at $50.00+ and it states the box contains a prolonging product which is unspecified. Perhaps this changes month to month. This tier will set you back $79.00.

Co-Pilot or Solo Flight

There is also an option to upgrade to a co-pilot option which is a couple’s box. Each tier remains the same just with a masturbator swapped out for a couple’s product. The difference here appears marked as the Recreational Co-pilot box offers something like a vibrating cock ring and the Commander box suggests a We-Vibe. Co-Pilot option boxes include massage oil and couples sex games for added fun.

I was sent a sample of the Reactional Pilot box to review. Upon opening the Hand Pilot bag of goodies (usually this is dispatched in a box but for postage sake it was easier to send in a bag) I was excited to see all the bits and pieces. It felt a bit like an adventure.

Included in my bag was;

Screaming O Jackits masturbation Sleeve

A cock ring

Small bottle of Wet Elite Hybrid Lube

Small bottle of Pipedream toy cleaner

Sir Richards Ultra-Thin Condom

1 sachet of Powererect Male Enhancement Cream

Sachet of Swiss Navy arousal lube

sachet of Wet Platinum silicone lube

Jackits Masturbation Sleeve

The first thing which jumped out was the most expensive item in the Hand Pilot box. The Screaming O Jackits Masturbation Sleeve. It states on the packet that the Jackits Masturbation sleeve is made of body safe SEBs which is of course a TPE. The Jackit Sleeve is almost like a cap which stretches over your penis. Inside the sleeve are raised TPE nodules to offer sensation during use.

The SEBs is super soft and offers a lot of flexibility and stretch. My tester enjoyed using the Jackit and found he got a much better experience from the Jackit than say using his hand. Applying lube to the inside of the Jackit was very easy and the opening in the sleeve was plenty big enough to fit over any cock I’ve encountered. He liked the raised nodules and commented that the closed end of the sleeve made it far less messy than a normal wank.

Washable and Reusable

Screaming O say the Jackit is reusable and can be rinsed out and my tester had no problem doing this at all. Simply turn the Jackit Sleeve inside out and wash gently in warm soapy water. However once washed the TPE does become a little sticky and can collect hair and fluff. When you first open the Jackit it’s covered in corn starch to prevent it from being sticky. I suppose you could recoat it in corn starch after it’s fully dried.

One thing I really do think is storage needs to be included as just keeping it in the packet it came in isn’t very practical. One comment my tester did make was the nodules all seem focused on the shaft which feels nice, but he’d have liked some more stimulation around the head of his cock. At first it was easy to work the nodules up and around the head but as his pace became more intense it felt like this was missing.

Linx Tickler Cock Ring

On to the cock ring. The Linx Tickler Cock Ring which was included in the Hand Pilot Recreational box is also made of TPE. With a diameter of around 1.5 inches it’s a good thing there is plenty of stretch within the TPE.

Around the edge of the Linx Tickler Cock Ring are tiny TPE spikes and bumps to add textures during intercourse. These are so soft I can honestly say I didn’t notice them at all. The stretch to the Linx Tickler Cock Ring is good, however it’s powers of retraction are very strong, and my tester felt a bit choked by it.


A cock ring is intended to keep a penis hard and erect by trapping the blood and the Linx Tickler certainly did this. However my test cock found it quite painful and this effected his enjoyment of it.

I associate cock rings more with sex than masturbation myself. Particularly one like this so found it a strange inclusion. Linx Tickler is waterproof and phthalate and latex free.

Pipedream Toy Cleaner

The toy cleaner included is made by Pipedream. It’s a 29ml bottle which I would say is enough for a couple of uses, depending on how heavily soiled the toy is.

Its clear in colour and smells faintly chemical. But it does a decent job. I’m not sure why you really need toy cleaner for a TPE masturbation sleeve though as it can be washed in hot soapy water.

Toy cleaner isn’t a bad thing to include as it probably will get used but myself I’ve never invested in any and have no problems in getting my toys clean.

Wet Elite Hybrid Lube

On to the lube. The small bottle of Wet Elite is a hybrid lube. This means it’s a blend of silicone and water. It gives it a longer last than a water based lube and improved glide. However, it also means its totally incompatible with silicone toys. You wouldn’t have any problems using Wet Elite with the Jackit Sleeve or Linx Cock Ring but would need to be careful if bringing in other toys.

Wet Elite also contains Propylene Glycol which is a petrochemical and can cause all kinds of nasties if you’re particularly sensitive to it. My tester didn’t suffer any ill effects using Wet Elite, but I wouldn’t use it myself.

My tester found the Wet Elite gave a nice slippery glide to using the Jackit Sleeve and made all the difference in terms of sensation. It lasts long and a little goes a long way. The bottle is 30ml

Sir Richards Condom

Sir Richards Ultra-Thin Condom seems a strange inclusion for a masturbation box. My tester was unsure if he was meant to wear it or if it was just included for additional play. The condom itself was functional, comfortable and didn’t detract from intercourse in any way. It just seems a bit out of place.

Powererect Cream

I’m only going to mention the Powererect cream in as much to say these products really don’t work. They may have residual placebo effect but there is no way a cream rubbed on your cock is going to cure erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering with erectile issues, see your GP who can give you some actual help. We didn’t use this sachet as my tester doesn’t suffer erectile problems anyway.

Swiss Navy Arousal Lube

Swiss Navy Arousal Lube is more than just a lube, it’s a sensation lube. Containing menthol and peppermint oil it creates a tingling sensation on contact. My tester really enjoyed using the Swiss Navy Arousal Lube. But reading the ingredients I wouldn’t use it on myself or another woman. This kind of lube can lead to infections if used vaginally. But he really found it added another dimension to his wank.

Wet Platinum

Wet Platinum is a premium silicone lube. This kind of lube isn’t suitable for use with silicone toys. But is great for use with other types of toy or for intercourse. Being silicone it’s very slippery and lasts ages. A little goes a long way and my tester enjoyed using this pillow of lube for play too.

Thoughts on The Hand Pilot

My feelings about the Hand Pilot Recreational Box is it’s a clever idea which needs some fine tuning. I love the concept of a masturbation box for men. It feels like so much of the world of sex toys is geared around women, so this is awesome. However, I feel like the condom and cock ring are a little misplaced. Some men may use a cock ring for masturbation but after conducting my own poll it seems like much more of a shared item for intercourse.

The selection of lubes is good, the toy cleaner is decent enough, but I have serious issues with the Powererect cream.

The main item is good. The Jackit sleeve was a great little sleeve and worked well, my tester enjoyed it and found it was indeed reusable. My issue is that for nearly $20 this feels like a lot of window dressing. A better sleeve and a few sachets of lube would have been just as good.

In Summary

In terms of value for money if I was subscribing to the Hand Pilot I’d be tempted to opt for the medium range box as you’d get a better quality of sleeve for your money. With the Recreational box it feels like you’re paying $20 for a sleeve you’ll only use a few times.

I really would love to see the Hand Pilot refine their boxes contents a little and grow this corner of the subscription box market. It could be something a lot of guys enjoy. However, at the minute I’d be tempted to spend the $20 on a half decent sleeve and not worry about the extras that come in the box.

You can subscribe to the Hand Pilot easily via their website.

Thank you to Hand Pilot for sending me their Recreational Box for review. I was sent this free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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