This year has very much been the year of the tail plug for me. My bedroom houses a few beautiful pony tail plugs and recently I began gaining gorgeous fluffy bunny tail ones too.

My latest review for Pleasure Panel was the beautiful Loving Joy Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Plug from I was lucky enough to review the smaller white version of this same plug for them recently and found it was a winner for me. So my expectations were high.

Furry Fantasy is Loving Joy’s range of various animal tail plugs. All crafted from gorgeous fake fur and attached to high quality metal plugs. There are choices in colour, style and size meaning there’s a Furry Fantasy plug to suit everyone.

I love the playful element a tail plug adds to sex. It’s fun and flirty, adding fantasy elements to play with little to no effort. The choices are almost endless in style and colour.

See what I thought of the Stunning Loving Joy Furry Fantasy Black Bunny Tail Plug in my review at Cara Sutra.

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