Being restrained by my man does strange things to my insides. So, when I unwrapped my parcel from MEO and found a stunning Fuck Me Spreader  bar I got actual chills of excitement. Generously included with the Fuck Me spreader were a set of Black Berlin wrist and ankle restraints. I couldn’t wait to put this all together.

I wouldn’t usually combine a review. But these products work so well together as a set I feel it would be doing them an injustice to review them separately. The Fuck me spreader bar comes in one piece so no need for fiddly fitting pieces together before you can play. Measuring 30 inches in length the Fuck Me Spreader is impressive once removed from its plastic wrapping. Made of super reflective stainless steel, it looks the part laid on my bed.

Five Steel Rings

Five O rings adorn the Fuck Me Spreader. The standard connectors on either end as well as one in the middle and two halfway between the centre one and the end. Straight away I can see that there is scope to fasten my wrists, ankles and collar to the Fuck Me Spreader. This excites me so much.

The O rings are solid and quite thick. I attached carabiner clips to each O ring to enable me to connect restraints. These aren’t included with the Fuck Me Spreader bar so make sure you have some handy.

The diameter of the Fuck Me Spreader Bar is an inch thick. Wide enough to feel intimidating strapped between my ankles but not cumbersome or heavy. Attaching the Black Berlin cuffs, I am gripped by intense excitement. I will be completely rendered helpless once attached to the Fuck Me Spreader bar.

Buttery Soft Cowhide

The Black Berlin cuffs themselves are an absolute work of art. Soft black cowhide tempts all your senses. The buttery soft feeling against your skin is amazing. The scent of the leather is intoxicating and the sight of the dominating black and chrome makes me feel slightly dizzy with lust. The whole ensemble does things to my senses.

Cuffs can be chaffing against the skin and long term wear often becomes uncomfortable. Not so with the Black Berlin cuffs. The padding is far superior to any cuff I’ve used previously. They almost hug my wrists and ankles. But once I’m secured into them there is no going anywhere.

Despite the considerable padding the Black Berlin cuffs are lightweight. There is no discomfort whilst wearing them at all. It’s a pleasure to be bound, as the soft leather caresses your skin. Generous sizing ensures the cuff fully wraps around your wrist or ankle.

Multiple Bondage Options

The Black Berlin Lockable Ankle cuffs measure 13 inches in length and just over 3 inches in width. The wrist cuffs measure 11 inches in length 3 inches in width. The fit is very adjustable and both myself and my man can use them.

Boasting three solid D rings the Black Berlin wrist and ankles cuffs are so versatile for bondage even on their own. You can thread rope, chains or just attach the D rings to other restraints to increase your bondage options. The D rings are made of nickel plated steel.

Locked in for Play

Lockable buckles give the Black Berlin cuffs an added dimension of security. The little padlocks which thread through the buckle really increase the dominant look of the Black Berlin cuffs. The keys are Universal so you can use one key to open all the cuffs.

Should you be a beginner and perhaps a little nervous of being locked into restraints, do not worry. The Black Berlin cuffs can be used without the locks. As with the Fuck Me Spreader bar there are no connectors to attach the Black Berlin cuffs. This is easily remedied by a few carabiner clips.

Using the Fuck Me Spreader

So, what was the Fuck Me Spreader and Black Berlin cuffs like during use? Two words… Simply Awesome! Just the look of it was enough to bring out my most submissive tendencies. The clanking of the connectors to the bar was an absolute turn on itself. The Black Berlin cuffs feel sublime as he pulls them tightly closed around my wrists and ankles. Somehow the padding makes them feel comforting in contrast to the intimidation of being locked into the spreader.

Once in place I’m completely restricted. I can’t move at all. This pleases us both. The Fuck Me Spreader can be suspended with the right equipment. The additional O rings make this very do-able. I’m excited to try this out. The width of the Fuck Me Spreader is great for me. It holds my ankles apart far enough for him to have perfect access without causing me much discomfort.

The black and chrome of the cuffs makes the product very universal. Where my man is reluctant to be cuffed in my pink handcuffs he enjoys the Black Berlin cuffs. I can see the Black Berlin cuffs becoming a firm favourite in my bedroom.

In Summary

It would be fair to say I’m a little bit smitten by the Fuck Me Spreader bar and Black Berlin Cuffs. The products scream quality. As a set, they are great all-rounders for both experienced players and those looking to dabble in a little more serious bondage.

Here is where I would usually supply possible improvements that could be made to the product. However, I honestly can’t think of anything which needs to be made better. If like me bondage play brings all out your inner “unfff” feelings then the Fuck Me Spreader Bar and Black Berlin Cuffs should be on your wish list.

You can buy the Fuck Me Spreader Bar for 49.00€ which is a great price for a stainless steel spreader bar. The Black Berlin Lockable Ankle Restraints and Black Berlin Lockable Wrist cuffs for 75.05€ each. All products are available from MEO.

Thank you so much to the amazing people at MEO for sending me the Fuck Me Spreader and Black Berlin cuffs. These were sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.  


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