I’ve been waiting for the G Pop to launch for ages so it was with great excitement I opened the parcel from FT London containing the familiar tube-style packaging. FT London are the makers of the unusual tulip shaped G Vibe and their tube style packaging is striking and unusual.

My first impressions of the G Pop were how small it seemed. I wasn’t expecting this for some reason and it took me by surprise. My G Pop is a purplish-blue colour which is very attractive. I don’t believe there are other colour options available, although I imagine this may be subject to change eventually.

Super Soft Silicone

Made of hypoallergenic body safe silicone the G Pop is very tactile. One thing I’ve noticed about all FT London products is they’re all exceptionally stroke-able. The silicone feels quite matt and grabs everything it touches. I spent a long time removing hair and fluff off the G Pop before I could photograph it.

This might sound like a negative however FT London include a storage bag with the G Pop and the matt silicone comes into its own once in use. But more of that later…

Controls and Charging

Being USB rechargeable the G Pop comes with a USB charge cord. The charge port is magnetic and is situated on the side of the handle. Just line the charger head up with the two little metal dots and it will attract together and begin charging. A full charge is advisable before first use, this takes around 2 hours.

The controls for the G Pop are on the handle and I’m somewhat dismayed to see it’s a one button operation. I know from experience this means I’m going to have to scroll through the settings. There are six settings. Three of these are varying levels of steady vibration and three are pulsey pattern settings.

The vibration on the G Pop is quite shallow and buzzy. However, the fifth setting particularly interests me. The intensity waxes and wanes and this feels as though it could be a great sensation inside me.

Interesting Shape

The shape of the G Pop is interesting to say the least. A finger loop handle leads to a small, flexible shaft with a bulbous tip. The total length of the G Pop is 5 inches with just 3 of those inches being insertable. The width of the girthiest part of the bulb is just 3 ½ inches. This isn’t a big toy. The shaft has a thin neck at the base and this is very flexible. I’m extremely curious about how this will translate inside me.

Time to see what the G Pop was like internally. Because of the grabby silicone despite the G Pops slender size I coated it in a good glob of water based lube. Silicone lubes can damage the surface of silicone toys so water based is always the best option.

Delicious Friction

The shaft slides inside me easily and I’m glad of the comfortable finger loop. It makes holding and using the controls very easy. Pressing and holding the operation button I feel the G Pop spring to life inside me. The grabby silicone rubs against my G Spot nicely and I’m impressed at the reach of the little shaft.

The flexible neck allows me to manoeuvre the G Pop into the perfect position to massage my G Spot. Flicking through the settings to find the fifth pattern I felt waves of pleasure wash over me. Applying a little pressure to the handle I can make the bulbous tip of the G Pop rub my G Spot in a slight circular motion.

A Lack of Size

I scrolled through the settings and found some worked better than others. The third steady vibration was the best for pushing me towards climax. I found with just a few strokes of my clit I hit a strong blended orgasm.

I wouldn’t recommend the G Pop for thrusting. The size is not conducive to it. For me there wasn’t enough sensation for thrusting. But I’m not sure that’s what it was intended for.

Universal Appeal

The G Pop shape makes it perfect for G Spot stimulation. And according to FT London the G Pop is universal, it’s design is great for P Spot stimulation as well. FT London are good at making their products appeal universally.

Being fully waterproof and made of silicone the G Pop is very easy to clean. You can literally submerge it in water and wash it with anti-bacterial soap. This also means the G Pop can be taken into the bathroom for bath time fun! Or use it in the hot tub if you’re lucky enough to have one.

In Summary

In terms of volume the G Pop is very discreet. Even at its highest intensity you can’t hear the vibration through a door. Once the G Pop is inside you your body acts like a muffler and mutes the volume further. I’d have no problem using the G Pop in a busy house.

My only negatives about the G Pop are the lack of size to the shaft. I would love to be able to thrust the G Pop but I can see that if the shaft was thicker you probably wouldn’t be able to get such great positioning for G Spot stimulation. I’d also like the vibrations to be a bit deeper. Whilst they were great for G Spot stimulation they didn’t work on my clit. Which is a shame.

I enjoyed using the G Pop, finding toys with good G Spot positioning is hard. I think the size queen in me just needs to accept the two things probably don’t go hand in hand. You can buy the G Pop from FT London.


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