Teledildonics is something I’ve read about, written about but never used. Until recently. One-night, sexting Daddy we got to talking about the dynamic between us and the element of control. I mentioned teledildonics and he was really into the idea of wielding that level of control over me from a distance.

At first, I was pretty against the idea. It was late, and I felt like setting the app and everything up would take a hot minute.

“Can’t we just video play?” I whined.

He wasn’t for compromise now the idea was in his head. So, I came to be on the floor of my bedroom looking through the review box for my We-Vibe Nova. We-Vibe has had its share of controversy regarding the teledildonic functions of its toys. This would be my first teledildonic experience and I wasn’t sure how it would go.

Setting it Up

Much to my surprise it was very easy to set up the teledildonic aspects of the Nova. I downloaded the We-Connect app and so did he. I pressed the power button on my Nova for a few seconds and it beeped twice as my app looked for it. Once it paired I could control my We-Vibe Nova from my phone.

Via the app I sent him a link to his WhatsApp. The link once clicked pairs him to my app and a pop up tells me I can hand over control to him. I clicked yes and waited. The beauty of the We-Connect App is there is a messaging function within the app.

So, there I was laid naked on the sofa late at night holding my We-Vibe Nova. Waiting for it to do something independent to me. A message popped through.

“Is it inside you slut?”

I began to laugh as I realise it wasn’t going to do much in my hand. Slipping the curved shaft inside me, nestling the arm against my clit. Butterflies went crazy in my stomach. More than a little vulnerability washed over me as I laid there waiting. I replied;

“Yes Daddy…”

Losing Control

Nothing. I laid there looking at my phone. Where had he gone? Suddenly the Nova buried deep inside me burst into life and shot up to full speed. Oh my god, this was so surreal. My head threw back as the vibrator relentlessly rumbled inside me.

“Please!!!” I typed quickly,
“Lol, sorry” he replied.

Gradually the vibrations reduced till the low rumble was delicious inside me. I felt a dull ache grow in my clit. Greedy for the vibrations it usually gets from this toy. I began to feel frustrated by his lack of attention to my clit.

“Clit please Daddy…” I typed into the app and waited.

“Beg slut…”

Begging Him

I felt my insides begin to melt, I could picture him on the sofa. Laid there looking like a snack and my body began to respond. I could imagine the look on his face. That dominant expression when he knows he has me where he wants me. Realising he had ultimate control over my cunt and clit at that moment. As the heat began to rise in my cheeks I frantically began to beg, my fingers shaking.

“Daddy please can I have some on my clit, I need it. Please I’ve been a really good girl all day…”


“Pleeease Daddy, your slut is so horny for you”

“Is that better slut?” the clit arm began to vibrate harder. Fuck yes it was.

Miles Between Us

He increased the intensity on both arms. I laid there reading his messages sighing and moaning as he worked my body and mind with miles between us. He quickly got the hang of the controls and kept me on the edge of climax, like a good girl I knew to tell him if I got close.

It was possibly one of the horniest play sessions I’ve ever had with a vibrator. It felt remote and unusual and this made it hotter. Feeling like he owned me to such an extent that even when he wasn’t here he still had control. Even the thought was enough to send shock waves into my clit.

“How close are you?” he asked. I knew better than to lie.

“Very close Daddy, I really want to cum.”

“You like that you dirty slut? You want me to make you cum without even touching you?” God yes, I did.

Hanging on the Edge


“Wait, impatient little cunt” I felt my insides tighten as I read his message. Knowing exactly the tone he will have used. Fuck I wanted him, but I dare not ask again. Gradually I feel the vibrations climbing, switching to the pulse pattern I like so much. I moan again and almost as if he can hear me;

“Is that good?”

“Yes Daddy, oh my god please don’t stop.”

The vibrations continue to climb, flicking inside me and against my aching, throbbing clit.

“Do you want to cum my little slut?”

“So bad, oh god please can I cum Daddy?”

No reply. I wait, hanging on the edge, please answer me. I’m soaked and shivering, struggling to hold it together. A mess of pleasure, when finally;

“Cum, slut”

On seeing the words, the Nova switches back to steady vibration and I grab the sofa as my orgasm swallows me whole. Pleasure drowning me, enveloped in the sensations I’ve been teetering on all night.

Gradually he reduces the vibrations and I lay there panting and shaking in the aftermath of his creation. A message pops up.

“That was hot as fuck babe!”

I can’t reply as my hands are shaking too badly, but he’s not wrong.



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