If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have seen my recent review for the Fever Glamour Diamante Lashes. The amazing people at Latex Leather and Lace sent me four pairs for review and the next pair I chose were the Fever Pink Feather Plume Lashes.

The Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes are very much not your everyday lashes. These have much more of a carnival or club night vibe. Packaged in a dark window box the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes need no fancy wrapping. They are themselves a statement.

Hot Cerise Pink Feathers

Opening the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes I’m fairly lost for words. The lashes consist of hot cerise pink feathers. There are no flares, or synthetic lashes, simply pink feathers. Each feather has individual barbs which fan out from it, creating a lash style effect. These are attached to a narrow black trimmed band.

The lengths of the feathers are a phenomenal 1.5 inches long. This is extreme for lashes. There is a curl to the feathers lifting them up and away from the eye in dramatic fashion. Straight away I notice the band is extremely long and wonder how this will work with the feathers.

Included with the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes is a small tube of adhesive. This has an applicator wand inside the lid. The glue isn’t fantastic, but its rare glue included with lashes is any cop.

Super Soft Fluffy Lengths

The lengths of the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes are super soft and slightly fluffy. They’re very glamourous and put me in mind of burlesque dancers or carnival performers. I imagine you won’t get as much wear out of these strips as you would a normal pair of lashes as the feathers feel quite delicate.

I start by checking the fit and immediately notice the band is too long. Using mail scissors, I gently trimmed the band between the feather plumes. I began by trimming them to my usual strip length. This was easy despite my initial concerns.

Comfortable Soft Band

The band of the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes is surprisingly flexible from the off. I was expecting it to be very rigid, but it didn’t need much working at all. It’s still advisable to work the band a little before application. A good hack for this is sticking it around a mascara wand or eyeliner.

I applied my make up as desired and then used the glue wand to apply a thin line of glue to the band. Be careful here as you won’t be able to pick dried latex glue off the feathers without damaging them. You only need a thin strip. Leave the glue for between 20-40 seconds to allow it to become tacky. The drier the glue the better the stick.

I found the glue stick very clumsy for application and would have preferred to have applied it directly from the bottle if it was a better design.


Once the glue was ready I gently lifted the strips by the feathers and dropped the outer edge of the band just above the outer edge of my natural lashes. Using the feathers its very easy to smooth the rest of the band around above my lash line. In fact, application of the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume lashes is much easier than I expected it to be.

Once in place I found the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes stuck well. However, the fuller length band and the enormous length of the feathers meant I could barely see. LOL! This isn’t the intended outcome. Unless I held my eyes open very wide they totally obscured my vision. I removed the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lash strips and had a re-think.

When full length the Fever Pink Feather Plume Lashes can be difficult to see through

Thinking Out of the Box

Looking at the picture on the box I noticed the strips sat much further across the eyelid than a usual strip, more like an accent lash strip. Light bulb! Grabbing my nail scissors, I gently trimmed the strips bands a little more. Till they resembled accent band length.

Reapplying the glue and reattaching the strips this time I was delighted to see the desired effect. I could see, whilst the feathers adorned the outer edge of my eyes, curling up like the uber-glam bad boys they are.

Carnival Queen

The Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes can’t be blended into your natural lash for obvious reasons. I found they looked better with quite a heavy eye liner. They make me feel like I should be on stage when wearing them. They would be perfect for a fetish night or club. Or even a Christmas party club night.

Ok, these aren’t suitable for day to day wear, but they aren’t intended for this. They are more like fantasy make up. I loved teaming them with my carnival face glitter for a really dramatic look. They are over the top and almost bordering on drag queen. Ru Paul would adore these, and when wearing them I can almost hear her telling me to “Slay Queen”.

I’ve worn the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes a few times and they still look good. It’s advisable to be very careful with removal as if you man handle them the feathers may become damaged. Don’t pull them off just work the band gently with a cotton bud soaked in make up remover.

In Summary

I imagine Fever sell the 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes as a full length strip so they can be cut to size but it would be nice to see this written somewhere on the box. I’m a veteran with lash strips but a newbie would probably not know this, and it might make them unusable.

The glue included with Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes is a bit pants. It’s usable but leaves clumps of latex all over your lashes when you remove the strips. I discarded the included glue for my favoured DUO lash glue.

I love the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes. They are me if I was a strip lash. They’re attention-grabbing, pink and fluffy and over the top. Just like the woman wearing them. You can buy the Fever 24254 Pink Feather Plume Lashes from Latex Leather and Lace for £4.49. This is a bargain!

Thank you so much to the amazing team at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me my spirit animal lashes. I was sent the Fever Pink Feather Plume Lashes free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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