I love stockings, they are one of my monthly buys as I go through them so quickly. I favour back seamed retro stockings but have been known to rock fishnets from time to time. So, when Latex Leather and Lace sent me the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Ups I couldn’t wait to try them.

When the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Ups arrived the packaging put me in mind of Ann Summers stockings. On a card, in a box with a product image on the front. All good so far. Opening the packet, I was pleased to feel the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Ups were very soft.

Across the top of the hold ups were a deep band of black floral lace. I love lace top stockings as it gives a little more va-va-voom when you give an accidental flash of your stocking tops. The size on the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Ups states extra large. I have thick thighs, stockings are often an issue from mainstream suppliers (I’m looking at you Lovehoney) and I gave up buying from those types of companies a long time ago.

Sizing Woes

My main reason for this is the sizing is always way out. Instead of doing more specified sizing like they do with lingerie, hosiery sizing seems to be grouped. Just like with Body Stockings you tend to get either S/M/L/XL or Base Size/Queen Size. The problem with this is it tends to span a bunch of sizes.

I popped onto the Latex Leather and Lace website and had a look at the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Up product page. Much as I’d suspected the sizing is 16-22. OK, Fever can we have a little word about women’s bodies. The difference between a size 16 thigh and a size 22 thigh is pretty large. I’m a dress size 18-20 depending where I buy from and I have thick thighs. If I bought a size 16 pair of jeans I doubt I could get them up over my arse. So why wouldn’t the same logic apply to hold ups?

The Dreaded Roll

It was with some degree of resignation I tried the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Ups on. I expected to have problems. The main body of the hold up fitted beautifully. They were soft, and you could feel there was plenty of stretch should you need it. In places they even felt a little big, around the ankle and calf. And then we got to the thigh.

As soon as I got that lovely deep lace band up around my thigh I knew I was going to have fit issues. The Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Holdups have two bands of silicone around the inside of the top to hold the stockings up. In my experience very, few hold ups actually hold up. The only ones that have ever even come close are an Australian brand called Kix’ies which are next to impossible to get in the UK.

The little sticky bands have nowhere near enough stick to beat the dreaded roll. Any woman with thick thighs will tell you how frustrating this is. It’s all good and well if you stay perfectly still but as soon as you move they roll down your legs. For this reason, I prefer to wear suspenders as they keep them in place. However, the bands of silicone make fastening suspenders to the hold ups quite tricky.

Stay Still and It’ll All Be Ok

Despite falling bang in the middle of the size range my thighs were too big for the stocking tops. They fitted fine, if I didn’t move. Which is silly. The second I moved they rolled up and the silicone stuck to itself. This left me with an unattractively rolled up stocking and an even more unattractive muffin top of thigh chub. Not really the sexiest I’ve ever felt. ‘

It’s a shame, because the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Ups were lovely, the fishnet was soft and nicely spaced, and the lace top was pretty and luxurious. But none of this mattered if the sizing isn’t good. Of course, it’s not really Fever Hosiery that’s to blame for this. It’s the clothing industry in general. Sizing is different shop to shop and the refusal to cater for actual bodies, instead inferring that there’s not much difference between a 16 and a 22. When we know different.

In Summary

I’d love to see at least one hosiery manufacturer realising that us thick thighed queens want nice stockings too. Sort it out and give us proper sizing!

I would say if you are a 16-18 then the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Holdups would probably stay up much better, If, you’re a 20 – 22 then you’re probably going to have rolling issues. I managed to find a set of wide clipped suspenders which worked ok with the Fever Plus Size Fishnet Holdups. Basically, turning them into stockings.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Holdups for £9.99.

Thank you so much to the awesome people at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Fever Hosiery Plus Size Black Fishnet Hold Ups to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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