When I buy strip lashes I tend to look for the biggest, most glamourous styles I can find. So, when I was sent the Fever 21120 Black Metallic lashes from Latex Leather and Lace my little heart was a flutter.

The first thing I noticed about the Fever 21120 metallic lashes was how long and dramatic the curled lengths were. Unusually they aren’t made of standard lash flares but a super shiny metallic lash. Its very hard to describe but it reminds me a bit of luxury tinsel.

Pin Up Curl

The lash lengths are well structured and don’t flop around but they somehow still retain some serious softness. The lashes are just over 1.5 cms in length, with the most glamourous pin-up style curl.

The band of the Fever 21120 Metallic Lashes is long, and I know there’s no way I can wear them as they stand. I measured the band against my lash line and decide I need to trim a few millimetres off the band length. Gently using nail scissors, I trim from the top of the band and remove the excess from the inner edge of the lash.

If you don’t adequately trim your strip lashes they can be uncomfortable to wear and irritate the inside of your eye. The majority of people who think they can’t wear lashes believe this because they haven’t trimmed them correctly to fit.

Soft Band

The lash band of the Fever 21120 Metallic Lashes is soft and thin, which surprises me. I’m expecting the band to be quite rigid and thick. Forming a lash crown from the Fever 21120’s is easy, and the band works like a dream. As I’m working the band I can see the lengths separating where they’re made of the stiffer tinsel like substance.

Applying the Fever 21120 Metallic Lashes is easy. The glue supplied with Fever lashes isn’t great. It comes with an application stick inside the tube and I find this overcomplicates the glue application. It’s easier to delicately apply the glue directly from the tube to the band.

Sticky Issues

The glue does work, and I can’t say it doesn’t. However, the hold isn’t great and when you remove the lash there is a lot of residual glue on your lashes and lids. Pulling this off is a real chore. I prefer to discard the glue and use DUO glue instead, which is my favourite lash glue. This isn’t just Fever lashes, the glue included with strip lashes is often poor.

Once the glue is tacky it’s easy to drop the strip above your own lash line, the slightly stiffer lengths make it easier to handle. If you have slightly worked the band you should find it bends to your lash line with no drama.

Uber Glam

Once the Fever 21120 Metallic Lashes are in place they are uber glam. The long-exaggerated curl and length creates a dramatic look. The shiny lengths catch the light and a line of shimmer plays across them as I flutter them. The lashes are uniform length and there’s no kind of pattern to them, which does look unnatural. But not many people I know have shiny metallic lashes anyway. The outer edge sits up in a gorgeous lifted flick.

I couldn’t use mascara to blend these lashes into my own, so instead I applied mascara first and pressed the strip lengths into my own between the thumb and finger. The mascara makes my lashes slightly tacky and the pressure kind of sticks the strip to my natural lashes for a better blend.

Comfortable Stylish Look

Wearing them is very comfortable, in fact I forgot I was wearing them. The long lengths don’t obscure my vision at all, I think this is in part due to the stiffness of them. I found the Fever 21120 Metallic Lashes looked great with an overstated make up look. I love a smoky dark eye with them for added va va voom.

Although the metallic lengths of the Fever 21120’s seem quite over the top being black they are incredibly wearable. It’s only really as you close your eyes the shine is noticeable, so they can be worn for a night in the pub as well as to a party or for fetish wear.

In Summary

Removing the Fever 21120 Metallic Lashes is a little tricky. It’s very easy to knock a lash out of line and this ruins the look of the entire strip. Gently lift the edge of the band with a cotton bud soaked in oil free make up remover. Pushing against the outer edge until the band lifts a little, then peel it away trying not to bend the strip too much. Keep your Fever 21120’s on the card they came on to keep them looking great and they should last a few wears no problem.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Fever 21120 Metallic Lashes for £2.99 which is such a great price you can’t complain.

Thank you so much to Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Fever Metallic Lashes for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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