I close my eyes as he strokes my cheek while kissing me, before leading me down the woodland path. I’m breathless with need as I follow him, taking in every inch of his tall frame, wide shoulders, strong and intimidatingly sexy.

Stopping in front of a pretty little bench dipped back into the woodland he pulls me to him and stands looking at me. I feel my heart race under the intensity of his gaze. I reach to touch him, he slaps my hand away.

“I didn’t say you could touch me little girl”

Slowly closing his hand around my soft throat, he guides me backwards until the backs of my knees hit the bench. I sit, unable really to do anything else. He kneels in front of me, parting my thighs, exposing my nakedness beneath my skirt. Knickers removed before we even entered the woods.

Losing Myself

Pushing my skirt up around my thighs he proceeds to slowly kiss my aching cunt. His hot tongue dips deep inside me, tasting me, swirling against my hard clit, sucking it into his mouth.

I gasp hard at the sudden warmth enveloping me, glancing around to check nobody is watching from the surrounding woodland. His soft mouth in stark contrast to the rough wood rubbing against my naked arse, my glass plug clinking gently against the seat.

Just as I’m about to fall over the edge he stops. Standing in front of me he slowly unbuttons his fly inches from my face. I fight the urge to touch. I know I dare not. He finally releases the object of my desire. I gaze up seeking permission,

“Can I touch? Please?”

He nods and I slowly stroke the hard length reverently. I feel his hand knot into my hair and pull my head back, instinctively I open my mouth. He slides into my mouth and I sigh with pleasure at finally getting my way.

Caught in the Act

Sucking him deeply I lose myself in the act, proving my adoration with my enthusiasm. I hear him moan, the sexual sound stroking my ears. I take him deeper till suddenly he holds my head still.

“There is someone coming down the path, he can see exactly what we are doing. How does it feel to know someone is watching you be a slut?”

I feel my clit tighten with his words. I hold my position as I can hear the approaching stranger. He keeps me where I am until dangerously late. Before pulling himself from my mouth and into an embrace to cover his nudity.

The stranger meets my eyes, blushes and looks down. I feel hotter than ever. He passes without word. Our eyes lock and he pushes me back against the bench and roughly enters me. Pulling down my dress, exposing my bare skin to the warm air. Caught in the heat of passion we lose ourselves. As my orgasm hits, my eyes open, stood up the path watching is the stranger.



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