This past week I’ve been playing with tail plugs, the first being the gorgeous pony tail plug from Crystal Delights I reviewed for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel and the second being this Floofy Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug from Forbidden Pleasures.

A lot of people tell me they don’t understand the point of tail plugs, I don’t really think there is a point. They’re fun and playful. They have cosplay elements and can be used for pet play, but I’m neither a cosplayer nor a pet player and I have tons of them. I just love the fun element of them.

Playful and Flirty

Sex should be fun, it should be playful. I find wearing a tail plug makes me flirty and I enjoy wearing one both for foreplay and during sex. You can buy tail plugs in lots of forms. My favourites are bunny and pony tails, but you can also get fox tails, wolf tails, puppy tails and pig tails.

The box for the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug is fairly simple, with a product pic on the front. Sliding the sleeve off I’m left with what resembled a jewellery box. The packaging calls this a jewellery plug but I’d consider that description more appropriate for a princess plug. Opening the black box, the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug is sat resplendent inside.

Apricot Shades of Blush

The tail on the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug is the most delicate shade of blush pink. It has almost apricotty undertones and is very pretty. Made of fake fur the tail feels super soft and is exceptionally fluffy. There is a little shedding but nothing too much and that’s to be expected. The tail is a nice firm ball shaped pom-pom and is quite solid, which is good.

The plug itself is a gold colour and quite petite. Total length of the plug is just under 3 inches, with a slim neck of just under an inch in length. This tapers to a traditional tear drop shaped bulb leading to a pointed tip for insertion. At the widest point the bulb of the plug is 4.5 inches.

Petite Plug

In size the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug is quite small, being made of steel there is no give to the bulb at all. This will make it feel larger in your butt than it feels in your hand. So be careful selecting size if you’re new to tail plugs. This would be a good first tail given the smaller sized plug.

The base of the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug is barely visible, buried in the floof of the plug. But I managed to measure it with a little help to hold the plush back and its around an inch and a half across the base. Although this is a little small for a butt plug base. I know the enormous tail on the end is going to prevent the plug moving inside me so that’s ok.

Cleaning Up

One thing the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug doesn’t have, which I wish it did is a removeable tail. This would make cleaning easier and it’s a feature I do miss. When I posted pics of the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug on Twitter people kept asking how you clean it.

The plug is steel so its easy to clean with hot water and antibacterial soap. For the tail I carefully wiped it off with a baby wipe and it came up beautifully. If it was more heavily soiled I’d wash it in the sink with hot soapy water and let it dry before fluffing it.

I do think people who haven’t used tail plugs believe they end up smothered in bodily fluids. I can honestly say none of my tail plugs have ever needed anything other than lube removing from them and this has been transferred from my hands.

Reflective Surface

Because the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug is made of steel you can use any lube you like with it without worrying about damaging the surface. It’s also totally body safe and non-porous. Yayyyy! This is a huge tick in the yes box for this pretty plug.

The surface of the plug is highly polished and super reflective, this gives a really high quality look to the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug. Despite my first assertion it does look a little like jewellery with its shiny gold plug. I can’t wait to try the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug and given that I’m on holiday for Easter there seems to be no better time really.

I advise always using lube when inserting butt plugs, the anus isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina. Even if you don’t usually use lube it will make insertion so much more comfortable and easy. I apply a little lube to the bulb and the plug slides inside me nice and smoothly with no discomfort. The tail sits perfectly, emerging from between my cheeks like I was born with it.

Comfortable and Cute

The bulb feels very comfortable inside me, in fact I forget I’m wearing it as I took pictures of the tail. The only thing I did notice was the weight of the tail did start to pull the plug out. I had to readjust it a few times as I moved around. This isn’t really a comment about the product, just that I’d probably need a larger plug size.

Sometimes bunny tail plugs can get a bit lost, especially if you’re a bigger girl. I have a hell of a fat ass and the tail was perfectly visible and didn’t lose shape between my cheeks. This made me very happy. I found sporting my bunny tail made me feel sexy and girly. It was great fun for foreplay and I kept it in during sex for added fun and increased sensation. The plug felt great during penetration, and he loved the aesthetic of fucking his very own bunny girl.

In Summary

Forbidden Pleasures sell the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug for £25.00 at the minute reduced from £31.99. This is a fantastic price for a gorgeous, fluffy tail plug and I can honestly say I was surprised at the price given the quality.

Thank you so much to the great people at Forbidden Pleasures for sending me the Dolce Piccante Bunny Tail Plug for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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