When So Divine contacted me, and asked me if I’d like to review their new larger booty plug the Wild Thing I was excited. Not so long ago I reviewed the original So Divine Booty Plug, the Sweet Sensation. I loved the Sweet Sensation and one of my only complaints was that I’d like to see a larger size option.

When the Wild Thing arrived, I recognised the So Divine branding straight away. The Wild Thing box was a deep, luxurious purple Ombre. Opening the box, I found this colour was echoed in the plug itself.

Luxurious Look

Made of a deep Cadbury’s type purple silicone the Wild Thing looks very luxe. The silicone, as with all So Divine products, is silky smooth and very tactile. The finish is matt and it picks up less fluff and lint than some silicone plugs I have.

The shape of the Wild Thing is very much a traditional tear-drop shaped plug. The large firm bulb tapers to a gradual gentle point. This makes insertion a nice easy job. The bulb diameter at the widest point is 5 inches, this is a considerable girth and makes this plug not for beginners. The length of the bulb is just under 3 inches. The entire plug measures 4 inches in length. The difference between the So Divine Wild Thing and the Sweet Sensation is considerable.

A flexible neck joins the bulb to the base. One of the nicest things about silicone butt plugs is the flexibility in the neck. This allows real freedom of movement as the neck flexes with you. With a metal plug, this can be uncomfortable in long term wear.

Base Safety

My bench mark for a good plug is always the base. When shopping for anal plugs you must always consider the width of the base. Ideally you are looking for over an inch, myself I like 1.5 inches and the So Divine Wild Thing measures a super safe 1.75 inches.

Why is this important? The anal passage is infamous for absorbing things into it. Unlike the vagina there is no back wall to prevent further travel. Nobody wants an awkward trip to A&E to have a butt plug removed. So always check your base sizes on plugs and never use an anal toy without a flare to the base. With plugs a great rule of thumb is the bulb shouldn’t be wider than the base.

So, the So Divine Wild Thing is great in base size. Being made of silicone makes it body-safe, phthalates-free and non-porous. In short, the Wild Thing is super safe for anal fun. Washing the So Divine Wild Thing is easy. Simply pop out the jewel and wash in hot soapy water. Silicone is so easy to clean.

Princess Plugs

One of my favourite types of butt plug is the princess plug, for those not in the know this is a butt plug with a jewel seated in the base. Luckily for me the So Divine butt plugs are all princess plugs and the Wild Thing is no exception.

What sets the So Divine Wild Thing apart from other princess plugs is the jewel is removable and changeable! This is a lovely feature as I’m a right fussy bugger with colour. So Divine have helpfully included a choice of 3 lovely coloured jewels to choose from. These include a sparkly clear jewel, a pretty pale pinkie-lilac and a vivid yellow. I’d love to see an expansion in the colour options later. Maybe a different colour plug with three bright jewel options.

Removing the jewel from the base is so easy. You just prise the silicone back and out pops the jewel. This is great for cleaning as well. You needn’t worry about the jewel coming lose as the silicone holds it very securely. I love the ability to change the look as in essence it’s like having three different plugs.

Wearing the Wild Thing

So, what does the Wild Thing feel like in use? Due to the larger size, I strongly recommend using lube when inserting the Wild Thing, if you have an anal lube so much the better. Don’t forget with silicone toys you should only use water based lube. Silicone and oil based lubes will damage your plug.

On insertion, the stretch is noticeably more intense than with the Sweet Sensation. The bulb slides home nicely once half way. Despite the pull as it locks into place I know that wide base is keeping it fully secure. Once inside you the bulb is very comfortable, silicone is so much more wearable than steel anally.

Supremely Comfortable

There is a slight weight to the So Divine Wild Thing but once in place this is not an issue as it would be with a metal plug during long periods of wear. The thick, firm silicone bulb still gives your insides that desirable stretched feeling but without the heavy pull of the weight.

I would say the So Divine Wild Thing is one of the most comfortable plugs I’ve worn. I have total confidence in its ability to stay put and this means I can almost forget I’m wearing it. The wide base makes the jewel very noticeable nestled between my cheeks.

During Sex

It makes a great warm up to anal and wearing it as a surprise for a partner is always met with lusty looks and awesome sex. I know my playmate was very appreciative of the added sparkle during play. There is just something about a butt plug which makes you feel so sexy. Knowing the jewel is there like a hidden treasure makes it extra cheeky.

The size of the So Divine Wild Thing means it has a serious impact on PiV sex. I found for me it was a much tighter experience, I felt very full during sex and that’s extremely thrilling. For him the tightness adds friction and increased sensation as well as feeling the bulb when thrusting. It’s a heady combination.

In Summary

So Divine have included a lovely little purple velvet storage bag to keep your Wild Thing plug in, along with your spare jewels of course. I love this touch. It keeps the plug clean and I dread to think how easily I’d lose those jewels in the expanse of my toy drawer or box. Nightmare!

If you haven’t guessed by now I adore the So Divine Wild Thing plug. It’s incredibly wearable, comfortable and looks amazing. So Divine sell the Wild Thing for the incredible price of £21.99 I was genuinely expecting this to be double that given the size and quality of the plug.

Should you feel you fall somewhere between the Sweet Sensation and the Wild Thing So Divine have you covered with their medium sized Bootylicious plug.

Thank you to the super people at So Divine for sending me the Wild Thing Booty Plug. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug
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