I love to dress up. So when I opened the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress from Orion Versand I was very much in my element. I didn’t even realise Orion did lingerie, so I’d spent hours perusing their lingerie section selecting something for review. It was a hard decision to make as to be honest it was all sexy AF.

The Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress arrived in a sleeved box bearing an image of a model wearing the slinky dress. It looked hot on her and I hoped it would translate to look as good on me. Opening the box, I slipped the dress out and noticed straight away how big it was.

Proud Plus Size

I’m a very proud plus size. I love my curves and flaunt them all the time. But alas I’m also used to lingerie shopping for those curves. I always need to size up slightly. I had done this as a default and much to my shock the sizing on the Cottelli range is so generous and bang on I’d overdone it. The dress was a bit too big!

Now you might think this was a fail, but the dress was made in such a way it wasn’t an issue. I’m not gonna lie it felt amazing to be trying on lingerie and thinking “well it’s too big” lol. Usually I’m trying to negotiate cup spillage or loosen straps to size mis-sized lingerie up.

Completely Transparent

The Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress is a one piece dress made of two different elements. The top of the dress is made of a completely transparent filmy material. There is no opacity to it at all. You can see straight through it, this is so sexy. It can be worn without a bra for bedroom fun or with a bra for a more daring outfit to wear to the club or a fetish night.

The skirt of the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress is made of a stretchy opaque shiny material. This hugs my curves perfectly. Flattering my wide hips and thick thighs whilst showing them off. The whole dress is black, but the skirt picks up gunmetal like undertones in the light where it’s shiny.

Flattering and Sexy

The fit of the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress is flattering and sexy. The top is loose fitting and perfectly skims over my tummy allowing me to disguise the bits of myself I’m most self-conscious of. Whilst still showing off my boobs beneath it.

There is a lot of stretch to the dress and with hindsight I think I could have quite comfortably fitted into maybe two sizes down from this. I can’t express how happy it makes me to find a good lingerie brand with such generous sizing!

The Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress fastens at the back of the neck with two small buttons. There is a stand up peter pan style collar which gives the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress a high neck finish. Don’t think this makes the dress modest as it really doesn’t. The sleeves are wide and loose fitting which allows access into the dress during foreplay. This is exciting!

Sex Kitten

At the back of the dress beneath the fastening is a long keyhole opening, allowing a glimpse of skin through the mesh. This is teasing, and I love it. When I wear the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress I feel super sexy, very much a sex kitten.

The skirt is almost wet look and puts me in mind of PVC without the sticky feeling. Its smooth to the touch. The only downside is it does have a degree of rustle to it when you move. This can be a bit distracting.

Bridging the Gap

I found the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress was a hit both on my social media and when I wore it in the bedroom. I love the way the dress has been designed with plus size in mind. It’s cut generously and to flatter. I would never usually wear something so high cut but the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress manages to be high cut and still super sexy.

I feel like the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress bridges the gap between lingerie and club wear. I’d be very happy to wear this outfit with stockings and heels to a fetish night or even a night club with a pretty bra under it. If you’re less daring, it’s a perfect date night outfit for the bedroom or even for a sexy meal at home.

I recommend hand washing the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress only. The material is very delicate, and I wouldn’t want to risk damaging it in a machine. I hung my Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress up on a hanger to allow it to dry and it washed up perfectly.

In Summary

Orion Versand sell the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress for 49.95€. If you’re a plus size and are looking for sexy lingerie or clothing I recommend Orion’s Cottelli Plus Size section. My advice is order true to size as the two items I received were both very generous in sizing. Hooray for Orion! It warms my heart to see a company finally catering for thicker girls!

Thank you to the amazing people at Orion Versand for sending me the Cottelli Transparent Mini Dress for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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