When you think of clitoral vibrators you usually think of bunny’s. However, I was sent the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand vibrator by the awesome folk at Cherry Banana and it was all about the butterfly.

Cherry Banana are an Australian online sex toy and accessories store. Their site is packed full of exciting toys and when they gave me the option to choose something for review it took me ages to pick due to the huge amount of choice. The Celine jumped out at me due to the unusual design.

Pretty Packaging

When it arrived, the Celine was packaged in a beautiful lilac coloured patterned box. It didn’t look at all like a sex toy. Even the Closet logo has a little stiletto shoe on it. Super girly.

Opening the Celine up I was impressed by how light it was. The Celine Butterfly Wand is a pretty pinkie-lilac in colour and made of soft silicone. The silicone is matt in finish and this adds to the friction in use.

Flexible Neck

The Celine Butterfly Wand is 10 inches in length. The handle is rounded and houses the controls, this leads to the long, thin flexible neck. This neck means the tip can be positioned in almost any way. It’s incredibly bendy and can you can actually fold the Celine in half!

At the tip of the wand sits the piece de resistance, the butterfly. The large silicone butterfly head contains the vibrations and is designed to be placed against your clit or wherever you’re teasing. The underneath of the butterfly has silicone texturing. There are both raised waves and spikes on the body of the butterfly. The silicone may feel soft against your finger but against your clit this is delicious.

The controls of the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand comprise of two buttons on the handle. These are a power button and a setting button to change the pattern. When switched on the Celine’s controls are lit up by a blue backlight. The placement of the controls is very erganomic when in use and I found changing setting very easy.

Functions for Days

Talking of settings, the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand comes with 12 functions. These vary through all kinds of pulsey patterns and a few steady speeds. As with all patterns some are not really my thing but some of the wavier ones feel great. With that much choice there is bound to be one to suit all tastes.

Being silicone and ABS, the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand is totally body safe. This also means you need to be careful about which lube you use. Avoid silicone or hybrid lubes with the Celine Butterfly Wand as they will damage the surface. Water based lube is perfect for use with the Celine. I found when in use the Celine benefited greatly from a slick of lube over my clit first.

The bottom of the handle houses the batteries. That’s right the Celine is battery powered, requiring 2 AAA batteries which are not included.  It also comes with a satin storage bag which is a nice touch, storage is always appreciated.

Using the Celine

So, what’s it like to use the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand? The flexible neck is such a bonus enabling you to angle the vibrations wherever you want. You can twist or bend the butterfly to any number of positions. The vibrations are housed in the body of the butterfly. They’re fairly strong for a battery powered wand but for they feel quite defused throughout the butterfly.

The long stem of the handle makes the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand perfect for teasing other areas too. I found it fantastic for stimulating nipples and along the cock shaft. It can also be used for anal stimulation to great effect.

The vibrations against my clit feel very nice, the silicone spines create a tickling sensation when vibrating. You can use the textured underside to massage your clit. I found it incredibly thrilling to angle the neck so the butterfly was flat against my clit and rotate the wand head. The ridges give you some purchase to rub against which is great. Particularly as I find it hard to achieve climax against a flat surface. Using the spines alongside the vibrations it’s easy to use the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand to massage your clit to a deep and delicious orgasm.

Things I’d Change

Things I’d like to improve about the Celine are small niggles but worth mentioning.  I would like a slight change in controls. I’d like to be able to go back through the settings so I don’t have to scroll all the way through all 12. This can be jarring during use.

I’d like to see a slightly thicker, stiffer neck to the wand. The thin neck makes it easy to lose the position when applying pressure and I don’t know about you but as I approach climax I tend to lose full control of my hands.

I also think the Celine would benefit from being rechargeable as this would give it more rumble to its vibrations.  Just a little more power would mean the Celine wouldn’t rely so heavily on the textured head.

In Summary

In terms of volume the Celine is quiet and discreet. Even the top speeds and settings can’t be heard through a closed bedroom door so this is fabulous for busy households.  The Closet Celine Butterfly wand is also waterproof which makes cleaning it easy and allows you to take it into the bathroom for added fun.

I enjoyed using the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand. It’s different to almost all the other toys in my collection and the butterfly head is cute and a lot of fun. I’d prefer stronger vibrations but that said I’ve still had a lot of fun testing the Celine out. I’d recommend the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand for those who enjoy a lighter touch clitorally or enjoy stimulation elsewhere.

Thank you to the great people at Cherry Banana for sending me the Closet Celine Butterfly Wand. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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