Sex tech is always making leaps in progress and interactivity. The recent advent of Smart Toys has allowed developers to come up with some interesting new concepts to take adult entertainment to new heights. City of Sin 3D game is an interactive way to control adult entertainment on your PC.

I was allowed Demo access to City of Sin 3D and had great fun exploring the different options even at this limited access level. The graphics are very realistic, with the moving camera angle allowing me to see various different aspects of my environment.

City Views

The Demo version of City of Sin 3D is set in a luxury high rise apartment, complete with large pane glass windows and city views to fuck in front of.  This is an unfulfilled fantasy of mine, so I can say this particularly pushed my buttons. As with all aspects of City of Sin 3D there will be updates adding new features and environments regularly to keep the action fresh and new.

I had access to a few of the 16 avatars available in the main game. You can mix and match pairs until your hearts content. In Demo I was only able to pair male and female couples. However, from the trailer footage it looks like in the main game you can change this.

Create the Partner of Your Dreams

If none of the predetermined avatars tickle your fancy, then have a go at creating your own. That hot guy in the supermarket is suddenly starring in your own private porno fantasy! It’s this aspect of City of Sin 3D which really allows you to let your imagination run loose. Create the partner from your wildest fantasies and then play with them in 3D.

Each pre-set avatar has its own personality, and this is clear from the blurb and their costume. Although the comedy names did more to amuse me than titillate me, Meghan Youhappy and Carrie Metobed were particular favourites.

The avatars in City of Sin 3D  are well presented with a range of distinctive styles on offer from tattooed punks to suave doctors. I played with all the available characters in Demo and quickly found my favourites. Each has its own audio track during play whispering “Do it to me again” and other words of encouragement.

Sexual Gymnastics

Once you’ve selected your avatars you are pretty much straight into the action. You can switch it up with position changes using the varied position library available to you. The gymnastics the City of Sin 3D avatars are capable of far outweigh my own bedroom Olympics. Some of the positions offer fantastic views. Here’s where the moving camera comes in to its own. Allowing you to move around the couple and see all the available angles. This beats static view porn hands down for me.

Scrolling through the positions has my chosen couple moving around their environment making the most of all available surfaces. Against the window, over the table, on the sofa. The dynamic switches with her on top and at times there is even a romantic vibe. I’d like to see a little more female domination in City of Sin 3D  but I’m very aware this is the demo I’m playing and possibly the main game has this option.

Instant Gratification

At the bottom of your screen sit the controls for the game. This allows you to change character, camera angle and slow down or speed up the action. Each character has a gauge allowing you to see how close to orgasm they are. But, if you don’t want to wait or are close yourself you can hit the “cum now” button and achieve instant gratification.

I find having control over the action extremely exciting. At first, I thought City of Sin 3D probably wouldn’t turn me on, my porn habits are quite hardcore and at first this seemed quite tame. However, there is no doubt moving the avatars around and controlling their play had me horny AF.


Immerse Yourself in the Action

Another aspect of City of Sin 3D I love is the ability to add certain toys to the game play. City of Sin 3D is compatible with Fleshlight V stroker and Launch allowing you to immerse yourself into the action even more. Obviously, I’d love to see this extended to allow female players to enjoy this immersion. City of Sin 3D has some really exciting possibilities. You could literally explore any sexual reality given the right features and I’m sure the developers are aware of this.

Paying for City of Sin 3D promises full discretion. No mention of adult content will ever appear on your bill and all transactions are via a third-party biller. Memberships work out at $19.95 for one month’s access, $49.95 for 3 months ($16.65 a month) or $119.95 for a year ($9.99 a month) members can also access City of Sin 3D on mobile devices.

I really enjoyed playing City of Sin 3D, it led to some interesting play sessions and I love that it can be used on your own or with a partner. It would be a fantastic alternative to watching porn together to get into the mood.

This was a sponsored post for City of Sin 3D this is no way effects my views.


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