It’s Saturday… which can only mean its Share our Shit time! Otherwise known around these parts as Candy’s Pick n Mix. So, what lovely posts and content has been tickling my fancy this week? I find this post the hardest one I write all week. Simply because narrowing the fabulous content down to just a handful is so tough!

I’m blessed to be following some of the most talented sex bloggers and content creators on Twitter. So, this TL is solidly chock-a-block full of totes amazeballs stuff! And you lucky people get to share this with me every Saturday!

This week I’ve included one post which moved me to tears, inexplicably, it was simply so relatable and made me so sad. Some made me wet and some made me think. But they were all wonderful.

Headings are links!!

Scanderella – Getting Lucky

I love Ella’s erotica and I’m regularly haunting her TL looking for her latest work. I really love the way she writes from other perspectives, this is one of her real gifts as a writer. This particular story has a delicious voyeuristic element to it.

“Believing this is really happening is almost impossible. I’ve fantasised about it, dreamt about it. i’ve SAT ON THIS VERY BENCH AND STROKED MY COCK UNTIL I’VE SPURTED ALL OVER THE FLOOR THINKING ABOUT IT”

Girl on the Net – Crying After Sex

I read this post and found my eyes prickling with tears. For many reasons, this resonated with me in the deepest way. I’ve felt this, and recently and maybe will do for the foreseeable. It’s tough. I love the way Girl on the Net writes anyway, but with stuff like this she undoes me. If you only read one post this week make it this one.

Cara Sutra – Invisible Bisexuality

Oh god this is the truest post I’ve read this week. You know when you read something and nod so much your head falls off? Well that was me reading Cara’s post about bi-erasure and the general attitude towards bisexuality in general. As a woman that has children and has been in long terms straight relationships (including marriage) people find it hard to accept my own bisexuality. I’ve even been told I’m only saying it to be trendy. So, was I being trendy when I was 6 and preferred Daisy Duke to either of her handsome cousins?

Rosie Heart – Why I Love Doing Sex Work

Sex work has a seedy reputation. In fact, anyone that works in the adult industries tends to be harshly judged by the general public. Often there are misconceptions about women being forced into sex work, sometimes via poverty. I’m not saying there aren’t cases like this but most sex workers choose this path as an occupation because it suits them. And they stay on that path because they enjoy it. It’s as valid a career choice as any other. Rosie explains why she loves her job in this beautifully written post about why sex work should be decriminalised.


Oooh! Review – Vixen Full Harness Review

I was dead chuffed to see the beautiful pics that accompanied this review. Not only were they stunning but I know they were a real moment of self-acceptance. The product itself is lovely and the review was interesting as I’ve never used a full harness myself. But as a move towards being braver with her images this was a huge step and I’m standing up to applaud the stunning results.

And here ends another weekly round-up of my favourite posts on Twitter. If you get a chance check out some of the sexy content above. And by all means leave a comment and let me know which of them is your personal favourite or suggesting your own faves this week.

Until next time…


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