It’s Saturday! And I’m out to play this evening for my much-anticipated Christmas Party night. As we approach the festive season I love to see the change in people’s creativity. As images and erotica all takes a Christmassy turn. This week saw the launch of my own Christmas Giveaway which has got me super excited!

This week’s Share our Shit seems particularly Sinful Sunday dominated. It’s pure coincidence that whilst browsing the Sinful Sunday posts I came across two of my favourite posts of this week. I do love Sinful Sunday and it’s a wonderful place to come across new bloggers and awesome talent. Check it out if you haven’t.

So enough of that, on to the good stuff. The headings are the links.

Aurora Glory – For Her Own Good

Aurora really set the scene in this erotica. Wow, it left me slightly open-mouthed and very wet. I’ve had this exact scene happen and Aurora’s writing left me filled with wanton memories. I’m excited to read more of Aurora’s erotica!

“Fuck you’re a wet little slut aren’t you?”

The Other Livvy – Touch Me

This image, which was Livvy’s Sinful Sunday submission, left me tingling. It feels like a story untold. Where are they going? What happened next? I really liked the simple sexiness of the picture. It speaks volumes.

Tabitha Rayne – Another One Bites The Dust

Tabitha’s post for Sinful Sunday enraged me and made me sad in equal measures. I can’t understand the heavy-handed censorship applied to social media when it comes to sex and the human body. Especially not in light of how much violence is found in videos and posts on the same platforms. This censorship will eventually drown out the sexual celebration found in the sex blogging communities. It’s a crying shame.

Scandarella – The Big Finish

I read this story of Ella’s literally this morning. It was so good and so hot the minute I finished I had to log into my dashboard and amend my SoSS scheduled for this morning to include it. As an older woman that loves younger men this gave me all the sexy feels. Ella’s writing is so beautiful and arousing I really would love to see a compilation of her work available soon. I’d definitely buy it for my bedside reading material. I’m all a-flutter now Ella!

“I want this man…my best friend’s son… to bend me over the dresser and fuck me.”

PixieHeartBlog – Table Notes

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make us smile or remind us that we’re loved. Pixie’s post detailing the table notes left by her Poly family for each other really warmed my heart and cheered me up. Since the advent of mobile phones, we hardly ever leave notes. Favouring texts instead. In a world of instant messaging the surprise of finding a note is almost lost.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Changing Labels

I read Molly’s post about her heteroflexibility with great interest. I loathe labels, I suppose I qualify as bi-sexual, but I rarely refer to myself as such. I’m attracted to people, gender just happens to be irrelevant to that for me. This isn’t the case for everyone but that’s ok too. Whether your attraction is to one gender or more, whether that’s your own gender or another the important thing to remember is it’s only your business. And a label is for everyone else.

“She quite happily sent her partner and mine from the room and spent a good hour introducing me to the delights of girl sex”

So that’s my weekly pick of the sexy stuff gracing my TL this week. I hope you all grab yourself something lovely and sparkly in the Black Friday sales this weekend and if you see me online over the weekend be kind to me as I’ll most likely be very drunk or very hungover!

Until next Saturday…


  1. Thank you so much for your amazing Pick n Mix – I absolutely adore how creative you are and this SSoS feature is no exception 💋
    Thank you for including my link, I am thinking we need an independent social media platform that is community owned rather than corporation owned. After all, it’s their party they can say who gets in. So infuriating and society’s loss 😢
    Love to you gorgeous one x

    • I love this idea! I know there are alternatives like gab and that but they aren’t very good and don’t have the reach of Twitter. But FB is pretty much useless for sex bloggers now and you can see Twitter heading that way too. 😐

      Candy xx


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