Hooray It’s 2018! A New Year is upon us and I’m finally back to doing a #SoSS post. For those of you who weren’t aware of my dramatic Christmas my daughter collapsed on Christmas Eve and was rushed to hospital by ambulance. After a scary 4 days and zero Christmas she was diagnosed with extreme hypotension. This led to an enforced break from blogging whilst I dealt with things at home.

However, all is well now. We are adjusting to the new rules she must follow, and she is now being monitored to decide on a medication route. To all those companies that were so patient and allowed me the space to take the down time and be with my girls I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to all the wonderful people who sent love and support over that horrible week I love you all.

Normal service is now resumed, I’ve worked like a demon to catch my reviews list up as I HATE being tardy with reviews and 2018 can expect an even more bad ass Candy than last year! So, enough about me, this post is about all the lovely stuff I’ve been reading this week from the vast amounts of talent on my Twitter TL.

As always links are in the headings.

Girl on the Net – Don’t Share that Dick Pic.

I was educated and horrified by this post in equal measure. I used to do this. When I first went on Snapchat I was immediately spammed by tons of unsolicited and unwanted cock pics. I was annoyed by this. It’s not that I’m adverse to a cock pic. In fact, I’ve asked for them in the past but let me decide if I want to see your cock!

I posted on Twitter that anyone who continued to send me unsolicited cock pics would find them screen shot and posted on TL with their username. Probably the daftest thing I could have done as so ensued a slew of penis so mighty it almost blinded me. And good to my word I screen shot the lot and named and shamed.

I’m mortified at the realisation I was breaking the law. This was pre-revenge porn laws, but it still has given me pause for thought. I wouldn’t do it now anyway but I’m grateful for GOTN’s illuminating post.

Scandarella – Tick Tick Tick

As a self-confessed rope bunny, I love this story by my wonderful Ella. She sums up so brilliantly the anticipation and frustration of being restrained and left. And having been in this position I remember the delicious tinge of fear that flavoured my arousal.

Reading Ella’s story, I found myself sat in a puddle. For gods sake someone get this girl her own book!

Emmeline Peaches – Doggy Style and why I love it.

Emmeline had me with the title of this one. It’s one of my favourite positions, especially when I’m in a submissive frame of mind. It’s raw and primal and makes me feel like I’m being taken. I love Emmeline’s writing anyway so writing about something which pushes my buttons gives me all the feelz.

Miss Jezebella – Five Ways Sex Toy Companies Could be Better in 2018

This post from Miss Jezebella caught my eye, mainly because it echoed so many of my own thoughts. I love sex toys and I love browsing for them but when indulging in this I spot so many clangers its unreal. I love how passionate Jezebella is about safety and inclusion within sex toy advertising. I’d love to see everyone represented and would be so happy if 2018 became the year jelly sex toys died.

Little Switch Bitch – Daily Routine Sinful Sunday

I adore LSB and her pics always leave me breathless. But this Sinful Sunday seemed so intimate in its normality it was wonderful. There is an innocence to LSB in this pic which we don’t usually see in her images because she’s a PVC clad, boot wearing goddess. I love this one.

Cara Thereon – Everybody Poops

What an amazing title I love this so much. Cara’s blog post on anal sex was so refreshing. Rarely do you see the subject of the possibility of mess during anal raised anywhere. We are terrified of it! It makes me laugh really because its ridiculous. I used to say to my ex, “if you’re going to stick your dick in my arse don’t be surprised if it gets shit on it”. Sex is messy, don’t be surprised if you get messy too.

Here ends my little round up of the week. I’ve missed this, it feels great to be back to normal.

Till next time…



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