It’s Saturday again and that means Share Our Shit day! So, time to do another Candy’s Pick N Mix. I always find this such a difficult post to do. There is simply so much great content on my TL these days. I can lose myself for hours reading various posts and erotica.

I’ve been having a ball opening my Fetish Advent Calendar this week. I love the concept of adult advent calendars, it’s so much fun. This one is particularly brilliant as it’s filled with little bondagey BDSM bits. Every day I’m posting on Twitter the content of the days door so if you’re curious keep your eyes peeled for the posts.

So on to the good stuff! As usual headings are links.

Scandarella – Christmas Memories

I’m well used to reading Ella’s stuff and then making a sharp exit to the bedroom for 5 minutes with the Satisfyer. So, when she asked me my opinion on this piece before she published it I was stunned to find myself sat sobbing. Genuine real tears rolling down my face. This proves what a talented writer she really is. She doesn’t just make me horny, she can make me cry too. What a girl!

Molly’s Daily Kiss – There’s a Knife on the Floor

I love knife play, it’s hot as fuck. Slightly intimidating, a little bit scary but leaves me breathless with excitement. Reading Molly’s post made me ache for the feel of a blade against my skin again. If this is a kink you enjoy already or have always been curious about you need to read this. It’s brilliant.

By Aurora Glory – The Bad Parents Guide to Some Form of Sex Life

Unfortunately, being a parent often means abandoning your sexual self for a bit. It’s right down the list of priorities, but this can lead to so many problems. I love this guide by Aurora on how to juggle the two. Great advice as always. So much love for Aurora who started around the same time as me so feels a little like my sex blog sister.

The Oooh Review – Guide to Using the LELO SONA/Cruise

I reviewed the LELO SONA myself and found there was a definite learning curve to using it. The temptation is to use it like a Satisfyer or Womanizer and it’s a very different animal. I love my SONA now, but it was very much a re-education to get to that point. This guide is a great starting point for anyone looking at buying a SONA or anyone that has one and can’t get on with it.

Whores of Yore (Kate Lister) – Don’t be Duped by Disney.

I’m such a terrible fan girl for Kate and love pretty much everything she does. But this article really tickled my fancy. Revealing the less than fairy-tale origins of some of our best loved Disney films, Kate’s article had me chuckling at the very un-PC originals. It is pretty random that we consider The Prince kissing Snow White’s corpse romantic. Love this so much, a definite must read.

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Have a great weekend and see you next Saturday!



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