It’s Saturday no school today so what you gonna do?.. You’re gonna read my awesome round up of this week’s sex blog brilliance that’s what!

So I’ve had a hugely busy week this week. A brilliant night out with Scarlet Ladies Christmas Unwrapped saw me spending Tuesday night in the opulence of Paul Street. Surrounded by sex positive people and watching the most beautiful Shibari rope demo. Throw in prosecco and a buff butler and it was a fabulous evening!

Thursday I went to Winter Wonderland with my girls and enjoyed London. Strolling down Oxford Street, enjoying the lights in the snow was so damn Christmassy it was awesome.

So in between the fun I’ve found the following good stuff on my Twitter TL. As always headings are links.

Coffee and Kink – Bring The Collar.

Rarely does a post hit me so square in the feels as this one. Reading Amy’s struggle to accept handing over the symbol of her submissive commitment had hot tears flowing down my cold cheeks this week. Such a relatable post.

Livvy Libertine – Intimacy and a More Fulfilling Relationship.

This is something which is so important to try and hold onto to keep a relationship alive. It’s so strange to me that the thing that is basically the building blocks of love is often the first thing to go once we settle into a pattern of familiarity. Fight against this. Keep the intimacy alive however you can.

Girl on the Net – No Nut November is a Massive Pile of Wank

What a title! Quite frankly this whole thing is the most alien and ridiculous concept. Much like GOTN I can’t understand why anyone would deprive themselves of guilt-free pleasure. One of the joys of wanking is it hurts nobody, costs nothing and you can do it all by yourself. It’s not something to classify up with smoking or drinking. Personally I feel like if I gave up wanking for a month I’d end up driven to frustration induced homicide. By getting myself off I’m literally doing a public service. Kinda.

The Cara Sutra – In Santa’s Lap

Well this week I discovered Santa can be sexy. Not a phrase I was expecting to write in this round up to be honest. But the permanently on fire Cara Sutra has conjured up possibly the hottest Christmas scene ever imagined. This story will be in my wank bank for the entire of the festive season.

“You know your trouble young lady? You’re extremely good…  

…he broke off for a small moan as he felt beneath her and adjusted his still-growing erection, 

“… at being very, very naughty.” 

Kayla Lords, The Smut Lancer – Being a Brand Isn’t a Bad Thing

I love my brand. I protect it like I would my kids and in some small way it is one of my babies. My blog, my brand is my concept. My offspring. I created it, grew it in the womb of my mind. My content is straight from my heart and every word earns it’s place on the page. Hours and hours of devotion go into making my site what it is. And so I guard my brand fiercely. I don’t see being a brand as a bad thing, It’s purely the identity of my site and work. Hopefully this makes me instantly recognisable.

Scandarella – Carved in a Heart

I should just accept Ella will be on this list every week to be honest. This follow up to her erotica The Big Finish has left me sat in a puddle yet again. The ending has left me itching to know more and I really hope this is going to become a series. I strongly hope Ella publishes a collection of her work soon so it can join my stack of erotica on my bedside table. She’s such a talented writer and I love her to bits.

“I want you on your knees, right under that heart.”

“Why?” I ask. Coy and breathless, but knowing.

“So I can trace my fingers over it while you suck my cock.”

Today I’m at BeautyCon in London all day because this is the busiest week of my life apparently. If any of you are there give me a holler on Twitter and come say hello!

Until next Saturday…



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