It’s that time again! Share our Shit Saturday!! Time for me to share all the sexy goodness that’s been gracing my timeline this week. This week is a mix of stunning images and serious posts.

Titles are the links.

Little Switch Bitch – Sinful Sunday Should’ve Been

LSB creates some of the most stunning images and her Sinful Sunday’s are something I always look forward to. This was one of LSB’s Sinful Sunday should-have-beens. The prompt for this week was Over-Exposed and you can see the finer detail in LSB’s picture. I love the cats on her stockings. This pic leapt out at me on TL and insisted I paid it attention.

Aurora Glory – Radical Acceptance in Relationships

Radical Acceptance is something I struggle with. I like to think I can change things and I hate to feel out of control of a situation. Reading Aurora’s post on how she uses radical acceptance within her own life has made me wonder if I might not be happier accepting things I can’t change. Maybe sometimes my need to micro-manage my entire life creates my own unhappiness.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Wear & Tear

Being someone who loves rough play it was Molly’s picture which drew me to this post initially. However, once I’d clicked the link and started to read I was totally absorbed by the words that accompanied it. There is something so hot about having your clothes removed. Cut, torn, whatever, it bloody turns me on. It’s that moment of vulnerability and exposure, leaving you naked to the world. Molly sums this up perfectly in her erotically worded and bang on the money post.

Joanne’s Reviews – Living with a Disability

Jo’s post about living with a disability which affects your sex drive struck a chord with me. I’m so intertwined with my own desires and sex drive that I can’t imagine how hard it would be to live with an issue which affected it long term. Jo’s post was thought provoking and made me admire her even more than I already do.

Girl on the Net – Sexual Harassment, there is only One way this conversation ends

Recently it feels like every time you turn the telly on or go online another high-profile case of sexual harassment is being outed. It’s almost as if the recent exposure of Hollywood’s sexual harassment issues has shone a spotlight in every other walk of life. Not only am I saddened by the sheer number of cases making news, but also at the huge numbers of women flooding social media to share their stories. GOTN has once again hit the nail on the head in her post which made me want to stand up and applaud.

Tom Starling – Attack of the Clones

Tom creates erotic art which makes me gasp. It’s so unusual and every picture tells a story. I’ve been lucky enough to be Tom’s subject twice and I love both of my pictures, which adorn my bedroom. Tom’s use of colour and theme make each set of pics he does a collection of aesthetic wonder. This picture is from a Star Wars theme and despite not being a fan of Star Wars (don’t @ me, I prefer horror) I loved this image. If you haven’t you must check out Tom’s work. He is also taking commissions for £35, what an amazing Christmas present this would make!

I always find this post the hardest one of the week to write, simply because my Twitter timeline is blessed with so many amazing, creative people. It’s fabulous to have the opportunity to share some of this, even if it’s purgatory narrowing it down to a handful.

Until next week…


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