It’s Share our Shit Saturday time again already!!! Thanks to my epic binge watching of Stranger Things 2 last weekend this week Share our Shit can go out on the right day. Yay for me and yay for binge watching.

So, what great things have been catching my eye this week on my Twitter timeline? Lots of interesting and informative pieces!

Emmeline Peaches – Understanding Breast Cancer

Not many of us are lucky enough to have never been touched by cancer. My own family has suffered its fair share of losses at the hands of this most destroying of diseases. We have also won a few battles, with my Mum currently in remission after her second occurrence of skin cancer. As a woman with larger breasts I live in fear of what’s going on inside them. It’s much harder for a bigger breasted woman to feel lumps and changes within her breasts and so education is vital. Emmeline’s informative piece can go a long way to helping us better understand this.

Whores of Yore – A History of Cunt

I love the word cunt. I love its power, the way it sounds, short and blunt. The shock it induces. That it’s innately female. I refer to my vagina as my cunt all the time. During sex, it holds a certain kind of gravity, it changes the dynamic. I don’t want a cutesy term. I want raw filth and cunt gives me that. I’m a huge fan of the Whores of Yore project and Kate Lister in general. She’s an inspiration, I’ve heard her talk a few times and always come away enlightened and educated. This fascinating look at what is still considered the worst swear word is so worth reading.


Scanderella – Sons of Satan

Ella writes some of the best erotica I’ve been lucky enough to read but when it comes to Halloween erotica she surely is the Queen. I know this is one of her favourite genre’s having spent a weekend with her at Eroticon listening to her creepy text tone. If it’s creepy and spooky Ella loves it. This is abundantly clear in her writing. Her horror erotica somehow manages to creep me out and turn me on all at the same time as she paints a picture with her words. Topping the Erotica category in this year’s Kinkly list just proves what a star she is.

Cara Sutra – Multiple Orgasms

My own orgasms fascinate me. They are a large part of why I became a sex writer in the first place. I constantly wonder if other people experience the same as me. I’ve often said one of my greatest wishes would be to experience a male orgasm just once. I’m exceptionally greedy with my orgasms. One is never enough and so I was nodding furiously reading Cara’s passionate description of our own orgasms. They’re such a personal thing it’s almost impossible to describe.

Exposing 40 – When Love Affair Friendships End

I’ve lost my fair share of loves and friends over the years and the hollow empty questioning feeling it leaves behind is surely one of the worst parts of being a human. That wondering what we did wrong, what we could have done differently, it fills us with self-doubt. Parting ways is always hard but when one party doesn’t understand why it’s even tougher. This brilliant account of this situation left me with lots of food for thought.

Kink Craft – Spooky Photoshoot Social Media

Ah c’mon surely you didn’t expect me not to include this did you? I had such a blast working with Kinkcraft again after our shoot on a windy hill. This time Pixie had come up with an awesome Alice in Wonderland Halloween concept. This saw me transformed into the insane mAlice in Wonderland. It was surprisingly easy to get into character here (don’t you dare laugh). I had a great time charging about the place with Jo wielding an axe. Whilst I made scary faces at Andrew’s camera brandishing a knife. This pic was an actual selfie we were taking and Andrew thought it would make a brilliant picture. He wasn’t wrong.

Well that’s my weekly round-up for #SoSS I also want to shout out everyone who placed on the Kinkly lists! Well done everyone! And thank you to everyone who voted for me! You made my month!


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