Thanks to the snow and artic temperatures my Christmas spirit is now in full swing! Christmas plans are all in place and shopping is almost done. I will still be Christmas shopping Saturday before Christmas mind. I’m one of those annoying people.

My blogging buddies have all begun celebrating Christmas in their own inimitable ways. And when I’ve got a spare five minutes (who has five minutes spare in December for gods sake???) I’m enjoying browsing it all. So, with no further a do please check out my pick of this weeks blogging goodies.

As always links are in the headings.

Girl on the Net – Sex Toy Hacks: turning my Fleshlight Launch into a spunk milking machine.

Not gonna lie this article had me from the moment I read the title. Why wouldn’t you want to read this? Girl on the Net is like some kind of filthy version of the A Team here, taking bits and pieces to turn the Fleshlight Launch into a total sex machine. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I immediately started thinking about ways I could create mounts for my own favourite toys. If this was a Scouts badge GOTN would have aced it. I salute her ingenuity.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Maybe Christmas

Molly’s image is so subtle and sexy, filled with the warmth and intimacy of Christmas at home. For some reason pairing it with words from How the Grinch Stole Christmas makes me love it even more. Perhaps it’s because that feels familiar to me. Either way I love this post.

Whores of Yore/Kate Lister – When Santa was Sexy: the sordid history of Father Christmas

This post particularly appealed to me because I’ve never thought of Santa as sexy until I read Cara Sutra’s recent Festive Erotica  and found myself strongly aroused. The thought of Santa as an object of desire is almost ridiculous but as Kate Lister points out,

“The appeal of Santa is thought to stem from his dual role as caregiver and disciplinarian – he is the ultimate ‘Daddy’ figure and a polar bear to boot. Santa knows if you’ve been naughty and will punish you accordingly.”

Maria Merian – Snow Globe

Some images really don’t need words. This is one such image. Simply stunning, it took my breathe away.

Hannah Lockhardt – White Christmas

Hannah’s poem made me smile so much. It’s clever and festive and filthy. I’m extremely glad I read it as I missed its original posting.

Ella Scandal – Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Holy hell considering its frosty setting this story is so hot! I’ve given up trying to read Ella’s work outside of the bedroom because it simply leaves me too hot and bothered. Is there nothing this girl can’t make sexy??

So that’s my penultimate #SoSS Candy’s Pick n Mix of 2017. It’s hard to believe we’re so close to the end of the year. Until next week.


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