When Roomantics contacted me to offer me the chance to select a review item for them I had no idea I was going to have as much fun as I did. Perusing their site to choose an item I spotted the Candy Nipple Tassels and of course given my name thought it was an appropriate choice.

The Candy Nipple Tassels arrived quickly packaged in a nice discreet box. Well done Roomantics, that’s a good first impression. Opening the box I was surprised at the size of the Candy Nipple Tassels box. I was expecting something considerably smaller.

Sweeties Pasties

I like nipple tassels and pasties. I think they’re fun and cute. They wake up my inner stripper. I do find I have fluctuating luck with them in terms of size and stickability. I have very large boobs and having had children, I have large nipples too. Would the Candy Nipple Tassels cover me adequately?

Opening the package and pouring the contents onto my bed I couldn’t help but chuckle. The Candy Nipple Tassels are made of the same sweets used to make those candy necklaces and bracelets you had as a kid. Small coloured discs of candy strung together with thin clear wire to create two perfect disc shaped pasties. The sweet scent of the Candy Nipple Tassels takes me back to being a kid in the sweetshop.

Well Constructed

The discs that make up the Candy Nipple Tassels measure 3 inches across, and the tassels are 4 inches long. They’re considerably bigger than I was expecting, and I decide this is a good thing.

I was surprised by how well constructed the Candy Nipple Tassels were. In fact, the pasties were more solid than I expected all round. Three rows of decreasing circles of candies make up the body of the nipple tassel, whilst emerging from the front are three long dangly chains of candies. Effectively making the tassel.

The candy tassels work far better than I ever expected. They have some real swing and movement in them and I’m amused by how well they work. Suddenly I realise the back of the Candy Nipple Tassels has no sticky and for a moment I’m left thinking I’m going to have to resort to my trick of using eyelash glue. I’m not sure eyelash glue would be strong enough to hold these though. They are quite heavy.


Body Tape

Peering into the box I notice a small packet I missed and when I remove it I realise I’ve got six double sided pieces of body tape. Carefully I apply three to each of the Candy Nipple Tassels. Peeling the backing paper off is a little tricky and I do wonder how they’re going to stick to the powdery surface of the sweeties.

I give each of the tapes a firm push as I apply it and then carefully peel away the remaining backing paper to expose the sticky needed to apply the Candy Nipple Tassels. Carefully lining them up with my nipples I press them over the front, taking care to make sure the disc is square over the middle.

Shaking My Tatas

If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting them to work, I anticipated much falling off and giggling. However, they surprised me! They stuck very well. Only once did I need to give them a little push back on. They covered my nipples really well and when I shook my tatas… wow those tassels flew!

I’m not sure if I would be happy to eat the Candy Nipple Tassels after they’d had body tape stuck to them but the box certainly seems to suggest you can. I think it would be good fun maybe to let someone eat the tassels at least. Perhaps whilst you do a teasing strip for them.

In Summary

The Candy Nipple Tassels are great fun. You can’t take nipple pasties made of sweets too seriously, but I really love them. I haven’t eaten mine because they’re sturdy enough that I’m hoping to get more than one wear out of them! I can buy body tape and just reapply some to the back.

Roomantics sell the Candy Nipple Tassels for £4.00 and honestly I think this is a bargain for such a fun item. This would make a great hen night or birthday present as well as something for a little fun in your own bedroom. Roomantics also sell a matching G string, Bra, Posing Pouch and Cock Ring made from candy if you find this really tickles your fancy.

Sex should be fun, so anything which makes me giggle like the Candy Nipple Tassels did is a winner in my book!

Thank you so much to the fabulous folk at Roomantics for sending me the Candy Nipple Tassels for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


  1. Your boobs are awesome 😍😍- from a mum too , mine have shrunk and shrivelled up I didn’t realise how much I love tits until mine went ….. I would have so much fun with boobs like that !! I bet you do too – Loving this site and your writing ! Xxx


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