I’m fairly new to the world of E Stimulation. I’ve experimented a little via reviewing and have found it to be quite hit and miss for me. Sometimes I love it and other times its far too intense. So when Bettys Toy Box sent me the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand I was very curious and a little apprehensive.

Firstly, a little about Electro Stimulation. Before indulging in any form of E Stimulation its always wise to read up on the safety implications first. See the picture below for a full list of the safety warnings included with this product. Electro stimulation works by using an electrical pulse to stimulate the body. This can be via muscle contraction or by form of a slight shock. The Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand utilises muscle contraction to tighten and tone Kegel muscles, strengthening orgasm.

Curved Shaft

This in essence sounds like exercise. Please do not be put off by this at all. The experience of using the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand is so unique and quite addictive. The Impulse itself is a bright royal blue in colour and made of a dull, matt silicone with epic grab to it. The kind of silicone which collects every speck of hair and lint in the vicinity. A slightly curved, flexible shaft allows me to access my G Spot. There are just under 6 inches of insertable length which is plenty for me. It’s not the thickest toy with a width of around 1.5 inches but it doesn’t really need to be.

There are three buttons controlling the fun with the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand. These are situated on the base of the handle. One button switches the wand on, one controls the vibration and one the Electro pulse.

Strong Vibrations

The vibration is delicious, strong and rumbly. There are seven settings for vibration. Three of these are a steady continuous vibration in varying strength and the rest are strong pulsey staccato patterns. The vibration alone is well worth the purchase of the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand. It travels through my abdomen in thunderous waves and wakes my G Spot with a jolt.

The electro-stimulation has five settings. These vary from a slight tingle to an “OMG I’M CLUTCHING THE SIDE OF THE BED” pulse. Five settings offer plenty of scope for everyone. Bettys Toy Box also sent me some impulse conductive gel which improves conductivity and sensation and is strongly recommended with electro stimulation play. I slicked some of this across the shaft and prepared to play with some electricity.

Pulsing Crackle

In the safety warnings it states the product shouldn’t be removed or inserted whilst switched on so I slid the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand inside me and switched the vibration on. This alone was great. We were indulging in some particularly intense play at the time and felt the additional stimulation might work well with it.

As the intensity of play grew, I hit the button to bring the electro stimulation into play. At first it felt like a slight crackly tingle inside me, it was hot. I laid back and enjoyed my partners attention alongside the pulsing crackle inside me. As the pace increased, I upped the setting. By the third setting my insides were contracting violently. I felt like I had no control over my body and given the submissive nature of the game this worked beautifully.

Lost Control

As my orgasm approached, I upped the setting to the top intensity and quickly found myself reaching for the headboard as I totally lost control with no warning. This happened in seconds of me upping the electro-stimulation and I was totally unprepared for it. I experienced strong multiple orgasms which had a depth of intensity I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. It felt like my entire body was channelling the contractions.

Now, I enjoy feeling like I have little control over a situation but this was on another level. Add that to the simulation from my partner and it’s fair to say it pretty much blew my mind. Keen to continue I switched the vibration off and left the electro stimulation on. My G Spot felt ultra-sensitive but as ever I was still hungry for more.

In Summary

I found using the electro-stimulation internally whilst stimulating my clit allowed me to experience further full body orgasms. It really is the most surreal feeling to have your insides contract outside of your doing.

Calexotics claim “Kegel exercise made easy, rejuvenate your pelvic floor muscles and enjoy intense orgasms with this revolutionary wand. The intimate e-stimulator helps restore youthful tightness while providing incredible stimulation” I don’t know whether there will be a long-term effect on my Kegels. I’ve used the Impulse a few times and can’t say I’ve noticed a difference. I mean, should you use it daily to tone? But there is absolutely no doubt that the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand delivers incredible stimulation. I’m slightly afraid that I might crave this intensity all the time.

Bettys Toy Box sell the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand for $89.99 but it’s currently on offer for $72.99.

Thank you so much to Bettys Toy Box for sending me the Calexotics Impulse Intimate E Stimulator Wand for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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