• I have always been curious about silicone impact toys. I’m a huge fan of the paddle and have more than a few of my own but I always find the result to be less than expected. When Sextoys.co.uk offered me the chance to review the new Bound to Please Silicone Paddle I was well chuffed.

I’m not sure what I expected from the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle but when it arrived I was surprised at the surface feeling soft like a silicone dildo. It was very stroke-able but much firmer than I was expecting. The surface is silky soft and stroked across the skin it makes for a delicious pre-spanking sensual prep.

Smaller Strike Surface

Measuring 16 inches in total length this Bound to Please Silicone Paddle is a good size. The handle is 6.5 inches which gives you a good surface to grip and allows you a decent swing, even those with bigger hands will find this a decent handle to hold. The paddles strike surface is 2.5 x 8.3 inches, it’s long and narrow and the smaller surface area makes it quite spiteful. I’d be interested to try a wider silicone paddle by comparison. Simply to see if this is why the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle bites as hard as it does.

The paddle has two sides which allows some choice for play. One side is smooth and sleek, the other has a raised diamond studded pattern. This requires some special attention during cleaning. The paddle is flexible, it bends a lot and I wonder how that’ll impact the impact so to speak. If it has that much give to it will it create the thwack I’m looking for?


The Bound to Please Silicone Paddle is totally black in colour, it looks classy and sleek. There is a degree of intimidation to the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle. The smooth lines and no-nonsense appearance add to the general air of menace.

When you swing the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle it makes a satisfying swoosh through the air. This pleases me immensely as I enjoy the audio of impact play, the thwacking and gasping etc. It builds anticipation for your sub or for yourself, if you’re the lucky (or unlucky) recipient of the spanking.

Being Silicone the Bound to Please Paddle is fully body safe and phthalate free. The non-porous surface means I can splash body fluids all over the paddle without any worry. But you need to be careful about it encountering silicone or hybrid lube as it’ll damage the surface. It also makes it easy to clean. You can wash it in hot water and anti-bac soap or even boil it to sterilize it if you’ve been playing hard.

However, the downside to the lovely soft silicone is the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle collects all the hair and fluff within a hundred yards. Because the surface is black this shows up dreadfully and it really makes my shit itch. Although it doesn’t effect the performance at all. It’s just annoying.

Evil Pain

There is a hanging loop on the end of the handle to make storing your Bound to Please Silicone Paddle easily. I’ve got mine hanging on my headboard with my other paddles and it looks sexy and is easily at hand if I want it.

So, what is the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle like to use. In a word, evil. The silicone is so much stingier than a normal paddle it stuns me. There is a solidity to the silicone when it hits you. It bends to the contours of your skin and delivers a total blow as opposed to a partial one where a solid paddle will only catch you where the paddle and skin meet. It kind of reminds me of being hit with a belt.

The sting is deep and long lasting, it takes me breathe away and I must brace myself for the impending second strike. I can take far less punishment with the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle than I can any of my others.

Sharper Side

The strike surface with the raised pattern is significantly more painful than the smooth surface although both are on the sharper side of impact play. If I have to select a surface I will always opt for the smooth side.

When I’m the one wielding the paddle, I find it great fun to use. Very lightweight and easy to get a good solid blow without too much effort in the swing. This is great for anyone with mobility issues as they may struggle to swing back hard.

The marks produced by the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle are very satisfying. Nice long red stripes across the offending buttocks or thighs. From being on the receiving end I can tell you the Bound to Please Silicone paddle across the back of my thighs is enough to make me consider twice.

Radiating Heat

After the initial stinging blow a heat radiates through my skin, creeping and raising goose bumps of pain. This makes subsequent blows feel worse as my skin is more sensitive. The Bound to Please Silicone Paddle has a serious bite and I love it.

I’d love to be able to have a colour choice with the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle, this is just my preference but picking a colour feels like personalising the choice a little.

In Summary

If you enjoy impact play. Giving or receiving, the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle is a must have addition to any collection. The Domme in me loves wielding this paddle. It makes me feel menacing and almost catlike. You can buy the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle from Sextoys.co.uk for £14.95 which is reduced from the normal price of £24.95.

Thank you so much to the fantastic people at SexToys.co.uk for sending me the Bound to Please Silicone Paddle. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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