Hiring an escort can be a daunting thought. There is a lot of myth and mystery surrounding sex work and this can make the initial approach scary. There are many reasons why you might be looking for an escort. Perhaps you have very specific sexual needs, and this is the easiest way to make sure your needs are met. Maybe you’re looking for a partner for a threesome and don’t wish to complicate things with someone you know. Maybe you want a no strings hook up and worry for your safety using “hook up sites”. There are myriad reasons, all of them valid.

When I first had cause to look for an escort it was as a third for a threesome with my partner. We were looking to avoid the potential emotional mess of involving someone we knew and neither of us wanted to expose ourselves to the risks of a hook up site. Booking an escort was the safest, most straightforward way to arrange this. Using an escort site like Private Escorts at Escortsandbabes.com.au enabled us to feel confident in the booking both for ourselves and the escort.

Narrowing the Search

Sites like Mandurah Escorts take the guess work out of the experience. Each girl has a profile page where she lists her rates, availability and preferences. This allows you to narrow down the selection according to your needs. For example, not all escorts do group bookings, so we were able to narrow our search perimeters to bisexual escorts accepting group bookings.

The next thing to consider is location. Some escorts are happy to visit your home, however be prepared to pay for the privilege. It maybe you’re happy to visit their preferred location or a familiar hotel. This can be negotiated with the chosen escort after the booking. However, if an escort specifies in calls or outcalls only please don’t try to change their mind. Respect the boundaries of their business just like you would any other!

Most escort sites are arranged geographically as travel adds to the cost of the booking. Make sure you’re booking a local escort unless you’re willing to pay for her travel costs as well. For example, Sunshine Coast Escorts at Escortsandbabes.com.au specialise in escorts from this particular area.

Reaching Out

Once you’ve selected your escort its time to reach out to them. Some sites enable you to message the escort directly through the site, others provide email or numbers for the girls. Once again remember this is a business transaction. Be respectful as your chosen escort is under no obligation to accept your booking.

I found the experience of using a site to book an escort made the entire process very easy. Most sites offer verification methods for escorts, so you know the information you’re given is correct. Once the booking was made I could relax and just wait for the big day.

On the day of the booking it’s not unusual for an escort to contact you again to check the booking is still on. Make sure you communicate with your escort. It’s not unusual for time wasting in sex industries and this can be very frustrating for the girl. I reconfirmed that morning, and this helped to dispel any worries I had on the day.

Erotic Encounters

My escort arrived on time and was friendly and professional, double checking the details of the booking before getting down to business. Initially breaking the ice can feel quite awkward, if you feel this allow your escort to take the lead. Many people book escorts for this exact reason. They’re the professional, they know how to lead the situation.

Feeling the situation change from a charged introduction to an erotic encounter was at first a little surreal. But as I watched the escort undress my partner it was impossible not to be aroused. In fact, if I’m honest even the fact it was an escort we were playing with added to the eroticism of the situation. At no point did I ever feel in any unease.

During play the girl we had booked was a consummate professional, adhering to the arrangement we had set perfectly. Making sure we got everything we had desired from the experience. She came equipped with her own condoms and lube but it’s good manners to supply some yourself in case.

After the Event

Thanks to her easy-going friendly manner and professional service we were able to lay back and enjoy the experience. After play finished we paid the pre-agreed amount and she left. We were both extremely happy with the service received and it became our preferred way of indulging in group play.

If you’re thinking of booking an escort a site like Geelong Escorts can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. There is an area on each escorts profile where users can report any problems they may have experienced, for example an escort using fake pics etc. The site can then act.

I found booking an escort through a site as easy as booking a hair appointment. It’s something I recommend any day of the week over potentially dangerous hook up sites.

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