I’m often Fan Girling about Blush toys in my reviews. However, my most recent Blush toy has left me somewhat underwhelmed and I’m not really used to this. I was sent the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit by Latex Leather and Lace and I was quite excited to see what the super cute little kit could do.

The main part of the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit is a little bullet style vibrator. This is battery operated and requires a single AA battery. Straight away I knew this was going to mean there wasn’t as much power as I’m used to.

Strange Aesthetic

The vibrator body is much heavier than I expected, it opens up in the middle by twisting it. The bottom half of the body is made of a chrome coloured ABS, whilst the top is a nice bright pink. Despite the colour I find I’m not particularly fond of how the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit looks. Which is strange and at odds how I usually feel. Normally the aesthetic on Blush stuff is lovely.

As suggested by the name there are multiple parts to the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit. The main body is the battery-operated vibrator. I was expecting a traditional bullet, but it has an unusual tip with three vibrating metal contact points. You can use the vibrator as it comes or with one of the three changeable silicone heads which come with it. These fit over the top of the main vibrator, with small indentations to house the vibration points.


The heads are each differently shaped and are as follows:

The Hugger

This is a little set of arms creating almost a bunny ear effect. So, named I assume, because it hugs your clit between the arms. The arms are soft and flexible which is great, but they dilute the vibrations from the bullet quite a lot.

The Pillow

My favourite of the three heads. The pillow is almost like a wand hand. A wide dome of silicone which can be used to massage my clit. The contact points seem to sit closer to the top of the head allowing better vibration transference with this head.

The Flicker

This head reminds me of a Roman helmet and as soon as this idea popped into my brain, I’ve not been able to shake it. The main feature of the Flicker is a thin fin of silicone which is meant to flicker with the vibrations. It doesn’t to be fair. At the base of the head sits a small round mound which can be used to stimulate your clit. For me this head was a complete non-starter, I simply could hardly feel the vibrations.

Blush do say you can use the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit without the heads but when I tried this I actually found it quite uncomfortable. Again, this is very unlike Blush toys and I’ve found myself wondering how this toy could have got it quite so wrong when they usually are bang on.

Weak Vibrations

The vibrations from the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit are buzzy and quite shallow, as you’d expect from a battery operated toy. I find they’re not powerful enough to get me to climax often and even when they are, the orgasm is weak. Which is a shame after the work to get there. I also noticed a fair bit of the dreaded finger tingle; it could be coz it took me so long to get there but it became irritating quickly.

Another thing which surprises me is given the lack of vibrations it’s quite noisy. This seems very unfair. I would exchange discretion for power any day but a noisy toy with weak vibes just isn’t cricket quite frankly.

Clunky Controls

To control the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit you click the dial round from on to off, only I found off and open were very close together and I kept actually opening the toy. There is only one setting and only one mode. I can’t help thinking the  Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit would have been a better toy if they’d used one of their good rechargeable bullets with it.

The heads are made of silicone, which is great because it’s non-porous and we all know sex is messy even without penetration. Remember to only use a water-based lube with the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit as anything else could damage the little heads.


I always try to bear in mind that as a reviewer my standards are not quite the same as your average woman purchasing a toy. My clit is much fussier, because it’s used to higher powered toys and higher end products. I always try to approach a review from a PoV of “What would I have thought of this toy ten years ago?” and yet with the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit I keep coming back to the fact I don’t think I would have liked it even then.

Blush do a range of bullets which come with silicone housings to create a bullet and /or vibrator style kit. These are under the Aria range and come with different settings and a rechargeable bullet. They’re nice and compact and still punchy as hell. If you’re considering the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit you might prefer something like this instead. Latex Leather and Lace sell an Aria version very similar to the Rose Revitalise in the Aria Vitality. Yes, it’s twice the price but it’s going to be a much better toy, with stronger vibrations.

In Summary

I love Blush, I love almost everything they make. This just happens to be the one exception to this rule. It’s a shame, but you can’t always get it right.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Blush Rose Revitalise Massage Kit for £19.99.

Thank you so much to the fabulous crew over at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Rose Revitalise Massage Kit for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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