Blush have consistently been wowing me for the past couple of years. Admittedly this has mostly been down to their awesome and affordable dildos. I have tried a few Blush vibes but when Latex Leather and Lace offered to send me one of their Blush Noje W3 Mini Wands I was more than happy to accept. Especially with a trip to Eroticon on the horizon.

Mini is the correct term for the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand, measuring just 5 inches in total length. I loved the look and design of the W3 as soon as I opened it. My Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand was sage in colour, which reminded me strongly of pistachio ice cream. But as is often the way with Blush toys there is a lovely choice of colours to prevent you from being pigeon holed by pink sex toys.

Teeny Wand

The Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand is literally what it says on the box, a little teeny wand. But don’t be fooled into thinking the vibration will be teeny too. I was surprised how rumbly this little wand was when I switched it on. The controls are at the bottom of the handle and it is a one button control. I do hate this as it means scrolling through all the settings but so many smaller toys have them and I can understand why when space is tight.

The handle is sage green ABS and there is an almost pearlescent shimmer to the colouration. The curve in the handle makes for comfortable angling and gripping which adds to the experience.

Flexible Neck

A flexible neck leads to a small silicone wand head. There are two crucial details here. The neck is flexible, this is great for angling etc. But I also found it meant at times it was hard to get purchase as the head would move away from me as I applied pressure.

The head is made of silicone. A wand isn’t meant for internal use, but it will most definitely still get covered in bodily fluids. So, you want a material which is non-porous for ultimate body safety during play. Take care to make sure you only use water based lube with the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand as anything else could damage the surface of the head.


The rumbly vibrations have ten settings on the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand. This includes five (yes count them, five!!!) steady speed settings and five patterns. Oh, be still my fluttering clit when it realised it had five steady speeds to choose from. Happy days. Thank you so much for this Blush. I would love to see this even split adopted on more toys. Patterns are great but not everyone likes them and for those like me who don’t, the choice is dramatically reduced.

Another stand out gold star feature for the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand is the lack of noise. It’s really very quiet given how powerful it is. I wasn’t expecting this, and it makes it so much more useable. Especially in a busy house.

Eroticon Test Run

I decided to take my pretty little Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand to Eroticon for a test run. If you have a hotel room to yourself to play in, then you might as well take advantage of it. I always pack too much for Eroticon so was delighted with how small and compact the W3 was in my bag. It took up virtually no space at all.

I found slicking a little water-based lube across my clit helped to increase the sensation and made things generally better when using the W3, but I believe this applies to all wands, from Doxy downwards.


I teased my clit with the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand, circling it across my vulva and grazing my clit. doing this for a little while soon had me wet and ready to play. I liked the idea of using the W3 for edging and found this to be really great, although having to scroll through all the settings to go back did piss on my biscuits a little bit.

As I got more and more excited here is where I noticed the issue with the neck flexibility. I had to bend the head to its further reach to get the purchase I needed to hit my orgasm. This wasn’t too much of an issue, but I wonder if the flexible neck is really necessary?

Perfect Travelling Companion

I had a few nice strong orgasms from the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand over the Eroticon weekend and it still had charge when I came home to play a couple of times since. I have to say it was the perfect travelling companion really. It will certainly be accompanying me on any future trips as it was so convenient.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand for £29.99 which is a great price.

This little wand would be a perfect addition to anyone’s sex toy collection. Especially if discretion is key to your play.

Thank you so much to the amazeballs guys at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Blush Noje W3 Mini Wand for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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