I found it quite ironic to be reviewing the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit for Peepshow Toys this week. I had literally mentioned these Blush Bullet kits in a review I did recently as a suggestion over another type of Blush bullet kit.

The Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit is essentially a powerful little rechargeable bullet which comes with a little silicone housing you can insert it into.

Firstly, the bullet alone is a nice little thing. Bullets are brilliant for when you just want a quick orgasm without frills. They tend to be reliable and quick working. The Aria Kirby bullet is just such a bullet.

Discreet Size

Just 2.5 inches in length you’d be forgiven for not expecting much from this little bullet, but it packs a punch. The rounded tip is great for using as a direct form of stimulation even without the silicone housing. It nestles up alongside my clit beautifully and has plenty of vibration to have me moaning hard in no time.

Offering a fantastic ten settings, with unusually 5 steady vibration settings and 5 patterns I already a love this bullet. The five steady settings are strong, the vibration is rumbly and delicious. On the top steady vibration speed, I can come in minutes using this bullet. It’s quite simply just a guaranteed orgasm for me.

A nice bright purple coloured ABS, the bullet is simple to look at and unfussy. And I like that. It works, and that’s all I really care about.

Silicone Body

The silicone body which comes with the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit is a bright aqua blue and the contrast between the two is lovely. The silicone is super silky with a matt texture to it. It’s very tactile and I like it before it’s even touched me.

The shape of the Kirby silicone body is a little like a snowman, this sounds strange but hear me out. At the base sits a large rounded body with a hole in the centre to insert the bullet. This swells up and around to taper in and then back out to form a smaller rounded body on top. In the centre of this at the front sits a small window. I wonder if this is to allow a degree of direct stimulation.

In the middle of the lower part of the body are three wing style ridges. This adds a little texture to play. Once the bullet is inserted into the body you can control it by the one button operation on the base.

Strong Vibrations

Even with the silicone body around it the vibrations are still quite strong. I love the shape for using in foreplay. It feels great against nipples and is a fabulous size and shape for teasing the head of his cock or pressing against the perineum. I really love the way the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit works as an all-rounder.

Blush say the Kirby can be used internally. I’m not sure I agree with this. It’s far too small to do anything internally for me really. I far prefer to use it clitorally or for external foreplay.

One thing I noticed was once the silicone body is on removing the bullet is tricky. This is easily solved by slicking a little water-based lube across the body of the bullet before insertion. Squeeze the tip of the silicone body and it should pop straight out easily.

Travel Friendly

The Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit is a compact little toy. In total size even combined the Kirby only measures 2.8 inches in length. This makes it a perfect toy to throw in a bag for a weekend away or some holiday fun. It’s so discreet it’s certainly not going to take up space in your case.

Being magnetically rechargeable the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit comes with a USB charging cable to charge it up. This is quick and easy and despite often finding magnetic charging a little problematic I have no issues with the Kirby.

Another lovely feature about the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit is it’s waterproof. Given its handy little size this makes it perfect to accompany you for some fun in the shower. Be that solo or with a play mate.

In Summary

I can’t really fault the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit, It’s simple, reliable and works for me. This is a winning combo in my book.

Peepshow toys sell the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit for $25.99.

Thank you so much to the fabulous team at Peepshow toys for sending me the Blush Aria Kirby Rechargeable Bullet Kit to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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