Whilst I love bondage, I don’t really enjoy the standard heavy black leather accessories. This leads to me searching out some of the more unusual collars and cuffs. So, I was taken by these gorgeous Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Thin Handcuffs.

Bijoux Indiscrets specialise in bringing elegance and fashion to bondage and bedroom accessories. Lots of their pieces are more like jewellery than sensual wear, aimed to be able to be worn outside of the bedroom as a discreet secret. The Maze collection is slightly different. It’s a Vegan collection. None of the materials used to make the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Thin Handcuffs are from animal origin.

Vegan and Environmentally Friendly

Maze is also environmentally friendly. Using recyclable materials there is no reason for using these beautifully made items to weigh on your environmental conscience either. All Maze products are non-leather, cruelty-free and still beautiful. The Maze Thin Handcuffs are made from 100% Polyurethane. As a vegetarian, cruelty free is important to me so this makes me very happy.

The Maze Thin Handcuffs arrived in a black stylish box with the brand name stamped on the lid in gold. It looked like it should contain jewellery rather than handcuffs. Opening the box, I was met by the familiar site of the dark paper sealed with a Bijoux Indiscrets sticker.

Dainty Style

A word I’m not sure I ever thought I’d apply to handcuffs is dainty, but the Maze Thin Handcuffs are exactly that. At just over half an inch in thickness the width of the Thin Handcuffs is almost delicate. 11 inches in length gives lots of scope for wear for even thicker wrists. Despite the quite feminine look of the Maze Thin Handcuffs my playmate could wear them with no problem, despite having large wrists.

One thing which has really bewitched me about the Maze collection is despite containing no leather they do still seem to have that evocative leathery smell. It’s perhaps serendipitous but either way it works a dream for the senses.

Gold Hardware

The straps of the cuffs have 4 holes punched into the end of each cuff to secure them. There’s no buckle here, instead a single gold peg acts as a fastener. Threading the cuff through the gold O ring adorning the end it’s very easy to push the peg through the holes and secure the cuff. You needn’t worry about your secured playmate escaping either. I found them to be impossible to wriggle out of once they were done up.

My Maze Thin Handcuffs came in black but they are also available in a pale tan brown if black isn’t your thing. The black isn’t a hard black, if it makes sense its more like a soft black, almost muted. This works extremely well with the gold hardware attached to the cuffs.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Joining the cuffs is a 1cm thick pale gold chain. This is 3 inches in length offering plenty of opportunity to move around whilst in the cuffs. It also means they can be threaded around things to secure your sub to a headboard etc. One thing I was slightly disappointed about was the chain wasn’t removeable. Had it been so these could easily have been worn as leather bangles and would have been great to wear out and utilise when you got home.

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Thin Handcuffs are very lightweight, in fact easily the lightest cuffs I own. They are exceptionally comfortable when worn and I found I forgot I was wearing them a few times. I suppose it depends what you want from your bondage as to whether this is a good or bad thing.

Sophisticated Submission

There is no chafing from the Maze Thin Handcuffs and despite wearing them for a prolonged period I suffered no rubbing or cutting in. The polyurethane is quite soft despite not being leather. One thing I did like about the Maze Thin Handcuffs is how easily removable they were. Unlike with a buckle there was no fiddling about to take them off. It seemed much quicker and in the event of needing quick removal this is great.

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Thin Handcuffs are very stylish when worn, despite being locked into them triggering my submissive side it felt brattier. Like the sophistication of the cuffs rubbed off on my submissive persona. They feel almost as if they should be worn in beautiful upmarket penthouse suites.

In Summary

Looking after your Maze Thin Handcuffs is easy. Simply wipe them over with a damp cloth to clean and if there’s heavy soiling use a little neutral soap. Don’t ever use anything abrasive on your Maze Thin Handcuffs as this would damage the surface.

If stylish bondage is your thing then the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Collection will tickle your fancy. I really love the look and functionality of the Maze Thin Handcuffs. They are beautiful, practical and ethical. What more could you really want?

Bijoux Indiscrets Sell the Maze Thin Handcuffs for £35.00 which is a great price for such stylish sensual wear. I expected them to be more than that if I’m honest.

Thank you to the great people at Bijoux Indiscrets for sending me the Maze Thin Handcuffs for review. This item was sent to me free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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