Best Butt Plugs For Men

When it comes to exploring your sexual fetishes, there’s no better way to experiment than by bringing toys into the bedroom. Whether you are on your own or with a sexual partner, there are countless products that can be used to test the limits of your pleasure.

Of course, one of the best sex toys for men is a butt plug, which can be inserted into the anus for maximum experience. 

Unlike anal beads and dildos, these sensual toys have been designed to stay inside your body, which can feel wonderful despite your sexual orientation. So if you want to learn more about your sexual tastes, then you have come to the right place. 

In the following guide, we have compiled a selection of the best butt plugs for men, with each of our choices promising to stimulate a sensual experience unlike anything else.

Ideal for any man who is open and comfortable with his sexuality, these products are the perfect starter kit for any sex toy novice. 


For the first product on our list, we have chosen a unique butt plug that is not only accessible but innovative in its design.

Featuring a distinctive torpedo shape, this sex toy can be easily inserted into the anus, with the exterior silicone making the process much smoother and pleasurable. 

However, it is the toy’s addition of an interior weighted ball that makes it one of the best butt plugs currently available.

Not only can the ball be felt when you move, but the added weight helps to further stimulate the nerve endings in your anal canal, which allows you to experience a more heightened sexual thrill. 

Boasting a thin neck and smooth handle, this butt plug is the perfect choice for any man who has thrown off the shackles of traditional masculinity, allowing him to embrace his sexuality in a new and exciting way. 


Now we understand that using a butt plug for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you have never participated in anal stimulation. So if you are still a beginner and want to ease yourself into penetration, then we recommend purchasing this novice butt plug from your local sex store. 

Distinguished by its minimal design, this non-threatening sex toy is adorable in appearance and therefore a safe option for any anal virgin.

Made from smooth silicone, this butt plug can be easily inserted into the anus, with the toy also delivering a comfortable vibration that will make your first time all the more memorable. 

If you have decided to explore your sexual tastes, then there is no rush to use big and cumbersome toys. Instead, you will need to start with something small and test the limits of your needs. We promise your anus will thank you in the long haul. 


Oxballs Rosebud Plug

If you consider yourself a sexual adventurer, then chances are you have indulged in some anal penetration during your countless escapades. If this is the case, then you will adore this advanced rosebud butt plug, which is ideal for any man who loves anal penetration in its various forms. 

Once this butt plug has been inserted into the anus, the silicone petals spring open to stretch you from the inside, which promises to deliver a deep and intense penetration that you will remember for years to come.

While this sex toy may not be suitable for beginners, it can be used by anyone with some anal experience. 

Made from platinum grade silicone, this butt plug is smooth and comfortable, which makes it the perfect addition to any sexual treasure chest. 


Vibratex Pandora Plug

Otherwise known as the P-spotter, this unique butt plug has been specially designed to hit the exact spot during anal and vaginal penetration. While the toy itself may look small in appearance, it promises to deliver a powerful and discrete sensation that will send chills down your spine. 

Boasting a selection of seven different vibration modes, this sex toy is the ideal choice for any sexual man hoping to explore an overlooked part of his body, with the length and movement ensuring a ripple of pleasure unlike any other. 

Because this butt plug can be enjoyed by both men and women, it makes for the perfect addition to any bedroom, as you can use it to satisfy yourself while pleasuring your sexual partner.

In terms of experience, this particular toy caters to any man who is still trying to learn more about the pleasure his anus can produce. 


Njoy Stainless Steel Plug

While butt plugs are known for their weighted sensation, there are some that offer more weight than others.

For instance, this stainless steel butt plug is just one of countless stainless steel sex toys manufactured by Njoy, which work to produce a unique penetrative experience that will make your body sing. 

Because of its distinctive shape and cool metal exterior, this butt plug can be easily inserted into the anus without any friction, creating a smooth and comfortable experience that will only heighten in pleasure the deeper the butt plug goes. 

However, this does not mean that the metal butt plug does not require copious amounts of lubricant to achieve the best orgasm, as even this smooth toy will need additional lubrication for a clean and enjoyable insertion.


Cal Exotics Inflatable Plug

While the notion of an inflatable butt plug may seem like a strange idea, we promise it makes for one of the most phenomenal sex toys you will ever experience. With this plug, you can insert the toy into your anus and expand it using the pump, which gives you complete control over the size and weight.

Of course, most butt plugs are often selected for their depth and shape, although it seems this particular product chooses to hold width in high regard.

Because of this, the toy works to stretch your anus from the inside, which allows it to press against the walls of your anal canal and deliver a delightful sensation.

Fortunately, this toy can be purchased in a range of different sizes, which makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced anal lovers.

Currently, the smallest size available measures around 4 inches in length, with their being larger options for those men who truly enjoy the pleasures of anal stimulation. 


Chrystalino Glass Plug

When choosing the products for our list, we knew we would have to showcase a glass butt plug, as there’s something you can do with glass toys that you can’t do with normal ones - freeze them.

Yes, while it may seem like a strange notion, you can keep your glass butt plugs in the freezer, which can add a new dimension to your pleasure.

There’s truly nothing better than feeling the chill of a cold butt plug as you insert it into your anus, as the chill helps to heighten the enjoyment of the sensation.

And while there are now countless glass butt plugs available, we personally recommend this particular offering from Chrystalino.

Sporting an elegant design, this butt plug comes with a tapered handle for easy grip and measures a total of 4 inches in length.

While the plug itself may look cumbersome, it provides everything you need to enjoy a solo session on the couch or a sexual encounter with someone as like-minded and sexually open as you.


B-Vibe Anal Training Kit

If you are still concerned about inserting toys into your anus, then you can take your time and purchase the following training kit from B-vibe.

Not only does this kit help you to stimulate your anus in a gradual and educational way, but it also comes with a range of toys that promise to deliver a pleasurable and painless experience.

When purchasing this kit, you will receive three different butt plugs of varying shapes and sizes, as well as an anal douche and lube applicator.

With all of these tools at your disposal, you will learn how to approach stimulation in a controlled manner, so that you can explore your sexual tastes without pushing your boundaries beyond their limit.

In many ways, this kit is a great gift for any couple still experimenting with sexual fetishes, as you can use the product together to learn more about each other’s sexual preferences and needs. 


Cal Exotics Training Set

Yet another anal training kit, this product found its way onto our list due to its range of different plugs, which makes it the perfect choice for any beginner still testing the limits of their body.

As we previously discussed, there is no rush to insert girthy toys into your anus, and with this kit, you can make the overall experience more gradual and sexually gratifying.

Featuring a selection of five different butt plugs, this kit offers beginners the chance to start small and work their way up to large sizes, with the largest toy on offer measuring around 3.5 inches in length and 3.75 inches in girth.

Thanks to its range of toys, this kit is the perfect way to start experimenting with anal penetration, as you can test your limits while also taking pleasure from the products that you enjoy.

Once you start using this kit, you will begin to learn more about your body and how pleasurable anal stimulation can be. 


Basics Spiral Butt Plug

If you have been searching for a sex toy that offers a unique internal sensation, then you will adore this spiral butt plug from Lovehoney Basics.

Sporting a distinctive spiral design, this plug promises to deliver a sexual experience unlike any other, with the central twist working to stimulate the walls and nerves in your anal canal.

Measuring at 4 inches in length, this sex toy is ideal for beginners and veterans alike, as it can be used to explore anal pleasure and ready your anus for a larger toy.

Thanks to the tapered tip, this butt plug can also be easily inserted, which helps to make the overall experience more comfortable and satisfying.

Because of its versatile nature, this butt plug can be used to stimulate pleasure during masturbation or as foreplay during a sexual tryst. Just remember to use lube and you will have everything you need to stimulate your anus and explore your sexual desires. 


B-Vibe Rimming Plug

Do you enjoy receiving analingus? Then you will love this butt plug from B-vibe, which not only vibrates upon insertion but also stimulates the sensation of being rimmed.

Featuring a series of rotating beads that have been embedded in the base of the toy, this butt plug works to stimulate your exterior anus after the plug itself has been inserted.

When purchasing this sex toy, you will also receive a remote control, which will allow you to manipulate the vibrations the toy produces. Because of this, you can control the amount of pleasure you receive, while also testing how much vibration you can take without pushing your boundaries.

Ideal for any beginner who has yet to experiment with vibrating toys, this butt plug is the perfect choice for any analingus fan and will deliver a powerful sensation that will beautifully accompany your next solo session or sexual encounter. 


XR Brands Mini Rimmer

If you are new to the world of anal play, then chances are you have yet to experience the pleasure of vibrating toys. If this is the case, then we personally recommend this amazing rimmer from XR Brands.

Not only is this toy accessible, but it also stimulates the sensation of analingus and can be enjoyed by both beginners and adventurers alike. 

Sporting a total length of 2.5 inches, this toy can be easily inserted into the anus and will not leave you feeling full or uncomfortable. Instead, the tingling vibrations will work to stimulate the walls of your anal canal, which can lead to a powerful and intense orgasm. 

So if you still consider yourself a beginner and want to learn more about the pleasures of vibrating butt plugs, then this is a good place to start. 

Final Thoughts

Best Butt Plugs For Men

While anal penetration is not often associated with traditional masculinity, this does not mean it can’t be enjoyed regardless of your sexual preferences.

So if you are tired of conforming to expected gender norms, why not explore your sexual tastes by learning more about the pleasures of anal stimulation. 

If you are new to anal play and want to find the best butt plug to start you on your new sexual journey, then you will need something similar to the B-vibe Novice, as this can be used to test your limitations and threshold.

However, if you are experienced in anal penetration and want to go beyond your boundaries, then you can invest in a butt plug with a unique design or a glass butt plug that can be frozen and used for temperature play. 

Marissa White