She flicked through the thumbnails on the porn site almost absentmindedly. Eventually they all blurred into one.

“Big titted blonde sucks cock”

“BBW Milf gets DPed”

“Amateur couple have foursome”

She yawned. When did porn get so boring? Closing the window on her phone she collapsed backwards on the sofa. Her hand idly sliding down her knickers. The empty house allowing her to be braver than normal. Lifting her t shirt up and pulling at her hard nipples.

She quickly found her stride. Her cunt was already wet by the time her fingers slid inside. Her mind replaying X Rated memories from her own personal porn site.


The beep from her phone interrupted her play. At first, she ignored it but it leaked into her brain nagging that it might be important. Sighing she grabbed her phone up from the floor. A text sat on the front screen. She opened it.

“Having fun?”

She looked around. Sure there was nobody in the house. Her skin prickled thinking she was being watched. Pretty sure she couldn’t be, she continued her efforts. Pulling her top down to cover her a little more but still burying her fingers deep inside her. Moaning softly as her body began to respond again.


She sat up and grabbed her phone

“Don’t be shy now”

Furious she hit reply and quickly thumbed a response,

“Who the fuck is this??”

Within a few seconds

“A friend”

She narrowed her eyes at the phone. Jumping up from the sofa she paced the room, pondering what to respond. A peculiar mix of angry and turned on by the thought of being watched by this anonymous stranger.

Her phone beeped in her hand again.


“I didn’t mean to frighten you. I’m sorry. You looked so hot I couldn’t help myself.”

She felt herself soften at the apology, stunned at her own reaction. This was a clear violation. She replied,

“Where are you? Are you in my house??”

Within seconds,


She sat back on the sofa debating what to do. Her brain was screaming at her to phone the police. But her cunt ached between her damp thighs. Her white cotton knickers soaked at the thought of them watching her play. Why was she so turned on? Running her hands through her hair her phone buzzed beside her.


“Are you still wet?”

Her cunt throbbed as she read the words. She nodded, more to herself than anything else. She swallowed hard. Her heart hammering in her chest. Everything felt heightened, dangerous, risky.

“Thought so.”

She looked around again. Feeling her nipples stiffen under the soft material of her T Shirt. Goosebumps creeping over her flesh as she became aroused and scared all at the same time.

“Are you horny still?”

She slowly hit reply and not even believing what she was doing began to type,

“Yes, very”

She sat waiting. Staring at her phone. Realising she was willing a reply. “This is madness” she thought and yet the butterflies in her stomach told her it was very real. Seconds felt like minutes as she waited. Finally.


“Why don’t you continue playing?”

She moaned softly and laid back. Her hand gently rubbing her wet panties. She texts back,

“Like this?”

Grabbing her tits through the thin white cotton as sensations washed over her. The thrill of being watched, the excitement of putting on a show. Her fingers working her throbbing clit through the wet fabric.


“Just like that. Why don’t you pull that top out of your way?”

She had no idea which direction to look, so cast her eyes downwards as she gripped the hem of her shirt and lifted it slowly. Keen to tease her unknown audience. The cold air hit her exposed tits and she gasped a little. Her nipples hard and angry at the sudden disturbance. She gently stroked her fingers across them, kneading and squeezing harder as her arousal increased.


“Mmmm you’re so hot. Does that feel good?”

Feeling her breathing quicken she tapped out her reply.

“So good, I’m so horny.”

Leaning back further, arching her back to give a great view of her curves she suddenly realised she was hoping her voyeur was horny too.


“Spread your legs for me baby, show me how wet you are”

She quickly obliged, parting her thighs widely, a large wet patch visible on her panties. They’d started to feel like they were constricting her. She wanted to remove them but didn’t want to upset the game. She sucked her fingers and rubbed herself over the annoying barrier. Her clit aching for a more direct stimulation, her cunt needing filling.


“Give me a flash, show me what’s under those pretty panties. Pull them to one side, but don’t touch”

Frustrated and excited at the thought of showing her bare cunt to unknown eyes. She didn’t even reply. Instead she reached down and yanked the soaked knickers to one side. It felt obscene, taboo. She loved it. She waited, fingering her nipples with the other hand. Her skin on fire.


“Do you need filling?”

She moaned as she read the message. Her mind filled with ideas of how this person might fill her. She didn’t even know if her playmate was male or female. She didn’t care.

“So much. Please…?

Waiting for the response felt like an eternity. She held her breathe. Finally.


“Take those panties off and spread your legs for me”

Practically ripping her knickers away from her body, she lay naked, spread across the sofa. Exposed, vulnerable, waiting. Her tits heaving with her struggle to control her breathing. Her wet cunt desperate for attention.


“Good girl. You’re beautiful laid there. Now slip two fingers inside yourself like you were before.”

Moaning as she did as she was told her fingers curled up inside her. She didn’t think wanking had ever felt this good. She thrust her hand upwards harder, hearing how wet she was without even looking.


“Do you want to come…?”

Oh god she wanted to come so much, she wanted to come for this anonymous lover. She wanted them to see how hot they’d made her. The thrill of being watched. The excitement of losing control. She quickly text back,

“Please I need to! Let me come for you!!”

She continued her assault on her cunt. Fucking herself harder and harder. The sensations too much. The need. She shouted;

“For fucks sake let me come!!!”


“Come for me…”

Gripping her phone, her orgasm hit her like a wave. Drowning her in pleasure as her own juices ruined her sofa. She lay wrecked. Panting in a puddle. Shakily she replied;

“Thank you. Did you come?”

But no answer ever came.


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