I’m a bit of a pain slut so nipple clamps are a must have for play sessions. I was chuffed to bits when Orion sent me a set of Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps to review.

Bad Kitty do a huge selection of bondage accessories and I already have a set of their nipple clamps which have a wicked pinch and I love using. When the box arrived containing the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps I was surprised how understated it was for Bad Kitty. Usually their packaging is quite raunchy. The Black and white images on the Slave Chain Nipple Clamps box are some of the better Bad Kitty packaging I’ve seen.

Weighty Anticipation

Inside the box the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps are housed in a zip lock bag. Emptying them out into the palm of my hand I felt a satisfaction at the clank and weight of the chains attached. This was promising.

The Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps are two basic alligator nipple clamps. These are attached to chains leading to a Slave Pendant. The clamps are adjustable in setting by using a screw on the side. I find this very hit and miss with all alligator clamps. The screws aren’t brilliant and you end up with them just permanently on the tightest settings. Not an issue for me but not great for those with a lower pain tolerance.

The clamps measure 6cm long and are attached to a 5inch chain leading to the pendant. They’re silver in colour with black rubber tip covers. These are removable if you like your nipple pain on the sharper side. The chains and clamps are coated in copper and zinc plating.


Weighted clamps add another dimension to nipple clamps and the SLAVE pendant on the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps adds additional weight to the pull. The pendant is made of zinc alloy and is 3 inches long and 2cm high. The total weight of the Bad Kitty Slave Nipple Clamps is 59g.

What do the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps feel like on? The Clamps are very easy to use and apply. Unlike some clamps I didn’t need to pinch my nipple to fully harden it before clamping. With the rubber tips on, the pinch from the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps is deep and hard. The pain becomes a dull burn after prolonged wear and it does feel great.

Delicious Pinch

The weight of the pendant adds a pull to the delicious pinch and this is intensified as I move around and the pendant swings about. However, I also found with the rubber tips on the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps had a tendency to slide off. Whilst this did bring about a sharp shot of pain it did somewhat spoil the look and mood. Once the rubber tips are removed the clamps stay put much better and the pinch is more severe.

I love the way the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps look when worn. They bridge the gap between bondage accessory and jewellery. The silver colour looks striking against black lingerie and sexy against skin. By using the word “Slave” Bad Kitty have tapped into my most submissive mindset and this comes out to play when wearing these clamps. They would be the perfect accessory for any Master to adorn his slave.

In Summary

The use of zinc alloy as a material could be a potential problem for some people as zinc can be an allergen, though this is fairly standard in bondage accessories. There are other metals which would be more hypo-allergenic but they would probably impact on the price too.

The Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps are fairly simple in design but very effective and add a nice aesthetic to any play session. They’re nicely universal meaning anyone can enjoy the pinch of these subby clamps.

Orion sell the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps for 22.95€. I would say if you like your pain intense these are probably not the clamps for you. But if you enjoy moderate pain during play then these are fabulous for doing just that.

Thank you to the great people at Orion for sending me the Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps for review. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


Bad Kitty Slave Chain Nipple Clamps
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