When you think of metal cuffs you think of those uncomfortable fake police cuffs strippers use. Chaffing and cutting in springs to mind. But when Orion sent me a pair of their Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs this was a very different story.

The imagery on the box containing the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs was fairly restrained for Bad Kitty. This is something I’ve noticed in a few of my recent Bad Kitty items. I know some reviewers have expressed some distaste as to the sexualised images on the Bad Kitty packaging but for me it wasn’t ever really an issue. I don’t keep the boxes and nobody sees them in transit.

A Tale of Many Parts

Emptying the contents of the box I was surprised to see quite a few component parts. I was expecting a complete set of cuffs. Inside zip-lock bags were two metal cuffs, a separate chain, 2 small padlocks and 4 keys.

The Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs are oval shaped and hinged at the middle. The circumference of the cuff is 8inches around and the thickness of the edges is a few millimetres. At the end of each side of the cuff is a small circle which when the cuff is closed overlap to thread a padlock through.

Padlocks and Chains

Without the padlock threaded the cuffs won’t stay closed and swing open if around my wrist. The little padlocks included each come with two keys attached. I assumed one key would open both padlocks but to my surprise this wasn’t the case. Each lock has its own keys so you need to keep these safe.

The chain included with the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs is 5 inches long and quite heavy. It took me a few moments to work out how I connected the cuffs. If I’m being honest I used the box as a guide lol. You need to thread the padlock through the last link of the chain and then through the hook on the cuffs.

Very Comfortable

This can be quite fiddly if you’re trying to do it on yourself as I was when I first opened the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs. Once the padlock is locked the cuffs are very comfortable. The inside of the cuff is totally smooth and that makes them sit nicely against the wrist. I felt no cutting in or rubbing, despite wearing the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs for a prolonged period.

It’s a small thing but I would have liked a silver padlock, simply because the cuffs are silver coloured and it would have matched better. That’s possibly just a personal thing but it did spoil the look slightly for me.

Versatile Restraint

Once locked into the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs you really aren’t going anywhere. There is no way out of these super secure cuffs without having the key. Because the chain is removeable it’s very easy to thread them through headboards or bondage equipment. It also means the cuffs can be directly attached to say a spreader bar. Or anything with an O ring you can thread the padlock through.

The cuffs themselves are quite small, my wrists are an average size and there isn’t much room in them. Ok, this means I can’t slip out of them, good thing. But it also means anyone with larger wrists won’t be able to enjoy the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs, which is a shame.

Shiny Finish

One of my favourite aspects of the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs is the super shiny finish. It’s almost mirror like and goes nicely with my Bad Kitty Metal Collar. The look of the reflective metal makes the cuffs almost bangle-like. It would be nice to have some storage included with the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs. The finish could be easily scratched and that would be a shame.

A nice aspect of the removable chain on the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs is that the cuffs can be worn unconnected as more of a symbolic effect. They remind me of slave bangles and I love wearing them with lingerie for a play date. It’s a very submissive look. The padlocks aren’t subtle and this makes a great statement as to your situation. Being key locked it’s quite possible for a Dom to take the key leaving the wearer in the separated cuffs. This is great for those who like a more 24/7 lifestyle.

In Summary

The difference between leather and metal cuffs is stark. Where leather cuffs hug your wrist, and make you feel secure the metal is cold and loose. The feeling is a more severe one. One of a stricter dominance somehow. The sound of the metal clanking together is extremely erotic and my insides tighten just thinking about it.

If you enjoy playing with restraints the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs are a stylish way to do so. They restrain beautifully and look gorgeous whilst doing it.

Orion sell the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs for 29.95€ which is a great price for metal cuffs. The versatility of these super shiny slave bangle hand cuffs makes them even greater value for money.

Thanks to the fabulous folk at Orion for sending me the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.



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