Collars are the universal symbol for a D/s lifestyle. I usually associate collars as being leather but I was recently sent a gorgeous Bad Kitty Metal Collar by Orion to review.

I’m a fan of Bad Kitty bondage accessories and already have quite a collection so I wasn’t surprised to see the sexy pictures on the Metal Collar box. The rather attractive tattooed lady modelling the collar looked awesome and I couldn’t wait to see if it would look as good on me.

Inside the box the Bad Kitty Metal Collar is wrapped in tissue paper to protect the surface in transit. In a small zip-lock bag taped to the paper is the peg-like key for the collar.

Simple, Classic, Design

The Bad Kitty Metal Collar is a simple silver coloured lockable collar. The super high shine surface is very reflective and looks amazing sat glinting in the light. On the front of the simple design sits a sturdy, moveable O ring. This is perfect for attaching a lead to or attaching the collar to the centre of a spreader bar etc.

At first glance, it’s very hard to see the lock of the Bad Kitty Metal Collar. There is no discernible place to unlock the Collar. On closer inspection, you can see the hinge on one side and the opening on the other. On top of the Collar sits a tiny hole, this is the lock.

Magnetic Locking

The locking mechanism for the Bad Kitty Metal Collar is magnetic which is clever. The key is a tiny little metal L shaped peg. Inserting this into the hole in the top of the opening of the collar pushes a similar L shape peg out of the bottom of the collar. This releases the lock and the collar swings open.

Locking the collar once on you is as easy as pulling it together and sliding the peg back into the underneath of the opening. The magnet pulls the peg into the opening and secures the collar closed. This makes for an extremely neat finish. No dangling locks or overhanging straps.

Zinc Alloy

The width of the edge of the Bad Kitty Collar is a nice wide 5mm. This stops the edges from being sharp when wearing it. In fact, the Bad Kitty Metal Collar is extremely comfortable. The circumference of the Bad Kitty Metal Collar is 19 inches, this is the larger size of the two available.

The Metal used in the Bad Kitty Metal Collar is a Zinc alloy. It’s not unusual for people to have allergies to Zinc so I would have preferred to see a different alloy used, especially to sit on such delicate skin. Although I accept this might have increased the price.

Submissive Feelings

I was extremely excited to wear the Bad Kitty Metal Collar and wasted no time at all in popping it on. There is something more thrilling about wearing a metal collar over a leather one. Where a leather collar seems to caress you a metal collar feels more severe. For me it increased my submissiveness substantially.

The cold metal locking around my neck was a turn on itself, the weight of it sitting on my collar bone, a constant reminder of my situation. When used for predicament bondage it heightened the experience and I think this will be my preferred collar for this kind of submission in future.

Striking Look

In aesthetics, the Bad Kitty Metal Collar looks stunning. It completes a submissive look beautifully and when teamed with the Bad Kitty Metal Cuffs it creates a really striking look for any submissive. It’s a no nonsense look and yet the highly polished surfaces still make it a very luxe.

Cleaning the Bad Kitty Metal Collar is easy, buffing it up with a soft cloth returns the super shine to the surface and removes any errant fingerprints. It would be nice to see some kind of storage bag included with the Bad Kitty Metal Collar as it would be so easy to scratch the mirror-like shine up and it would dull the collars appearance.

In Summary

One of the things I like most about the Bad Kitty Metal Collar is it could easily be worn out as a form of jewellery, be that as an expression of your 24/7 submission or simply as a nice way to increase the collars versatility. I think it looks stunning with an evening dress.

Orion sell the Bad Kitty Metal Collar for 49.95€. Purchased with the Bad Kitty Metal Handcuffs this creates a classy D/s look for the discerning sub. I love wearing the Bad Kitty Metal Collar and find it unleashes my inner Bad Kitty!

Thank you to the fantastic people at Orion for sending me the Bad Kitty Metal Collar for review. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

Bad Kitty Metal Collar
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