“Show me that ass, slut” he barks and I know better than to hesitate. I assume the position. Up on my hands and knees like a good little kitten. And there I stay under the weight of his stare.

Unable to see him. My nerves come alive with the excitement of what I think is coming. I gently sway my hips, teasing him. Knowing it’ll make him want to punish me even more for my inability to keep still.

“Look at that ass, who owns that?”

“You do Daddy” I whisper breathlessly as his hand strokes over my soft skin. The warmth of his palm raising goosebumps on my expectant flesh.

“You’d do well to remember this. You’ve been a bad girl and now I’ve got to punish you. You know how it works. Look at you waiting for it. You fucking love it, don’t you? Daddy’s horny little slut”

I arch my back and raise my hips. My body practically begging for the imminent heat of his hand. There’s silence for a moment and I wonder if he’s changed his mind. I stay there. Offering myself to him. Silently pleading for the punishment I’ve worked so hard to earn.

Will it ever come?

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Sinful Sunday


  1. I like the phrase “under the weight of his stare”… a stare can feel mighty heavy, especially if you’re waiting with bated breath for that person to take action. You have such a lovely bottom!

  2. What a sexy teaser. I’m loving the idea of you wriggling that lovely bottom even though you know it’s naughty.But there’s something about that pose that somehow requires a wriggle doesn’t it. Indie x


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