I’ve spoken before about my love of erotica and I’ve reviewed a fair few Erotica books on both my site and for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel. When I was approached to review Asarotica edited by Asa Akira I was very curious.

The unusual thing about Asarotica is it’s a collection of short erotic stories written by porn stars. I’ve never read erotica written by adult entertainers before and was intrigued as to how good it would be.

Written By Adult Entertainers

The collection is edited by adult film star Asa Akira. Featuring stories by such well known names as Joanna Angel, Kayden Kross and Nina Hartley this really tickled my fancy. The idea behind the collection was to answer the question “What do porn stars find erotic?” I’ve wondered myself exactly what scenarios they play out in their minds for their own personal arousal.

The collection has twenty-two stories in total. The variety of topics covered is huge and every story has its merits. I was surprised by the nature of some of them. There wasn’t one story out of the whole collection I didn’t enjoy, and I found them all to be absorbing and arousing in different ways.

It would be impossible to review all the twenty-two contributions, so I will just focus on my favourite five.

Becky by Angela White

Becky by Angela White is focused on a nameless woman’s torment by her partners lover. She sits somewhere between obsession and hate as she tears herself apart during sex thinking of her man making love to Becky.

Both excited and jealous she obsesses on the differences between her petite frame and Becky’s large curves. In a twist you don’t often see represented in the media she craves Becky’s soft voluptuous body. I found my heart breaking as she battles with her insecurity. Dealing with what she perceives as her inadequacies in her lover’s eyes.

“I can feel you getting close for becky. you’re using my body. using me endlessly. every stroke is for becky. you want me to be becky. you’re imagining i’m becky. you wish i was becky. i wish i was becky.”

Angela WHite – Becky

The writing is brilliant, somehow mixing the raw fucking and masturbation the narrator indulges in with the anger, embarrassment and sadness she feels over her rival. It turned me on and made me sad all at once.

The Best Gift by Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires story, The Best Gift is a tale of cuckoldry. Treating his wife to a night with her lover a nameless husband watches as he takes her ass. Patiently waiting to be rewarded with the right to clean her up. She spends the night being worshipped in two very different ways by the two men.

“Something about being watched really turns me on. knowing my husband is watching his wife get her ass fucked thoroughly; knowing he is jerking off right outside, enjoying the show.”

Ashley Fires- The Best Gift

The language used in Ashley Fire’s story is graphic and despite leaving my hot wife days behind me a long time ago I couldn’t help but feel that familiar tingle reading her words. She perfectly conveys the gratitude and frustration a cuckolded husband goes through.

The relationship between a hot wife and her partner and bull is complicated and erotica like this goes a long way to helping people understand the appeal.

Blackout by Casey Calvert

Blackout by Casey Calvert explores an extreme D/s relationship. Taking a surprise trip to Blackout, a haunted house, with her Master. Our submissive narrator finds herself at the whims of the sadistic Dominants inside.

Blindly staggering through the house, she finds herself subjected to the sexual punishment of faceless individuals. Fighting her own urges to cum and desperate not to embarrass her Master she searches for him in the disorientating house.  Eventually finding her Master his plan begins to unfold.

“I’ve slid down in my chair, my aching clit attracted to the vibrator like a magnet. It offers sweet release, but at a cost- my breath.”

Casey Calvert – Blackout

Desperate for some release her Master leaves her on the edge of frustration and eventually leaves her a difficult choice… Breathe or Cum.

I loved this one. It ticked all my most submissive boxes and I was extremely aroused by the time I had finished reading it. Casey Calvert paints a beautiful picture of the disorientating experience the submissive goes through, passed from person to person and used like an object.

Skinny Dip by Madison Montag

Madison Montag’s contribution Skinny Dip is a hot encounter in a swimming pool as Jen and Austin indulge in a little more than swimming in the water. Jen is trans and her overcoming her initial uncertainty as to whether Austin would be accepting of this adds depth to the super-hot sex scenes.

I love the way Madison doesn’t immediately unveil Jens trans status, leaving the reader jumping to an incorrect conclusion. It speaks volumes of how we behave as a society.

“She Turned around to look at him with her puppy dog eyes. “i want that big cock in my ass, daddy” she begged.

“Yeah?” He smiled. “You ready for daddy to destroy that tight little ass?””

Madison Montag – Skinny dip

Austin takes his time to enjoy every inch of Jen and this has left me with a thirst for more. I wish this story was part of a series or a larger book. Madison’s writing is sexy and so descriptive. I feel like I’m along with Jen for the ride.

Vessel by Missy Martinez

Vessel by Missy Martinez is such a clever story. Written from the perspective of a sex robot as she strives to please her master. Her prime directive is to serve his cock and reading her efforts to do so leave me breathless.

Missy gives the sex robot emotions and her clever writing paints the perfect picture of this newly born slave fighting her initial confusion at being switched on. Quickly she locks onto her purpose and I can’t help but feel my insides tighten reading how she’s put through her paces for the first time.

“He Has a plan for my body. i am meat. he instructs me to lie on the bed, legs spread. grabbing the empty bottle, he puts it to my mouth, and instructs me to suck it”

Missy Martinez, The Vessel

In one scene her master instructs her to fuck an empty champagne bottle. This was so hot and despite the horrendous waste of champagne (why pour it down the sink???) this led to me having an extremely intense wanking session. It bought back memories of a great night. I love this story so much, I think it’s one of my favourites of all twenty-two. Very topical given how often sex robots are in the media these days.

In Summary

I don’t want to give away the plot to all the stories, but I do believe there is virtually no aspect of sex left uncovered in Asarotica. From the top of my head I can recall reading about group sex, threesomes, cuckolding, lesbianism, D/s, BDSM to name but a tiny sample.

Given that the authors of these stories are actresses and not writers I was wondering about the quality of the writing, but I’m impressed. The writing is hot, descriptive and in parts emotional. I find myself drawn into each individual world but the different authors.

I read this as a book, with a view to reviewing it but it quickly became obvious I could get myself off during and after reading it. As a means of arousal, it works very well, but there is story and meaning to each contribution.

I really enjoyed Asarotica. I’m a fan of erotica anthologies but this one will be top of my go to pile when I’m looking for bedtime reading.

You can buy Asarotica from Amazon for £12.99 for paperback or £6.49 for Kindle Version. From iTunes for £6.49 or Barnes and Noble for $16.95 for paperback and $12.99 for Nook Book version.

I was sent this book free of charge and in exchange for an honest impartial review.

Asarotica edited by Asa Akira
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