Lingerie is my weakness. I own far more than any woman needs and will wear it with no good reason. Simply because it makes me feel good. Ann Summers make some of my favourite sets and their Plus Size ranges are really extending and have impressed me no end recently. So when they offered me the chance to review their Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set I was very much on board.

Without doubt the first thing you notice about this set is the colour. It’s not subtle. It screams sexy at you. Pink lingerie isn’t unusual at all, but I’ve never come across a set quite this vibrant. However, I’m well aware not everyone likes their lingerie bordering Hi-Viz. Don’t worry folks, coz Ann Summers have got you covered. This set comes in nine other colours including the basics of black and white. I can’t praise this enough! We don’t all want the same thing, so choice is fabulous.

Soft Lace

The next thing I noticed on opening the Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set was how soft it was. Lace doesn’t often conjure thoughts of softness, if anything I often find lace on lingerie to be scratchy and irritating. However, the Ann Summers Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set was very soft in my hand.

Starting with the bra, I was quite cynical about fit of this bra. Mainly because it’s available across such a wide range of sizes starting at B cup and going to a G. In my experience bra design doesn’t usually work across sizes. A B Cup doesn’t require the support a G cup does. However, I was wrong in this instance.

Moulded Cups

The cups of the Ann Summers Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set are slightly moulded. Not enough to enhance your size, and to be fair this isn’t something I look for given I wear an F or G cup. But I do find moulding helps the cup to support me better, so I was really pleased to see this.

The cups themselves have a soft lace overlay bearing a floral pattern. They feature a delicate scalloped edge which adds even more femininity to the look. Deep sides lead to a wider back strap than I expected and a double fastening.

Three fastening settings to choose from allows you to alter the fit slightly. Personally, I’d like to see any bra over a D cup with three rows of fastenings, but it actually didn’t impact on me much at all during wear.

Patterned Straps

The straps are narrower than I’m used to. I was expecting to find a degree of cutting in after long term wear, but this wasn’t as bad as I expected. Gold adjusters trim the straps, which also boast a pattern across them.

Between the cups sits a tiny pink bow and a little pink charm. This is a cute touch and adds a little something extra to what could be considered quite a basic bra.

The Brazilian

The Brazilian that goes with the Ann Summers Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set can be best summed up by the word frothy. That’s how it feels to me. Light and soft with a completely lace front panel allowing a sexy glimpse of what lays beneath. Drawing the eye in the centre of the waistband sits a matching tiny pink bow and charm, tying the pieces together as a set.

The back of the Ann Summers Hot Pink Sexy Lace Brazilian is floaty and delicate. Lightly scalloped to sit against your skin with no restriction at all. Great for that all-important accessibility but equally comfortable to wear.

Comfortable Fit

In terms of fit I found both pieces of the Ann Summers Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set to be exceptionally comfortable. For their first all day outing I wore them to Eroticon, which is a full-on busy day. You don’t want to be wriggling around adjusting your bra or extracting your knickers. And I can honestly say I wasn’t. They felt functional and looked amazing. I did so enjoy the hot pink flashes from beneath my clothes as I moved around.

One complaint I do have, in fact my only real complaint about the Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set is the lack of a matching suspender belt. I wear stockings a lot outside of the bedroom and this means I prefer to buy 3-piece sets. Try matching a pre-existing belt to this colour of pink. Nothing worked at all and I had to resort to hold ups, which I dislike. I’d love to see Ann Summers add the option of a suspender belt to their basic lines too.

In Summary

Ann Summers sell this set as separates. The Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra is £20.00 (reduced to £15 at the time of review) and the Brazilian is £8 (reduced to £6 at the time of review). The set also boasts a balconette bra option, shorts and a thong. Ann Summers really have excelled themselves with this fully wearable, super sexy, every day lingerie set.

Thank you so much to Ann Summers for sending me the Hot Pink Sexy Lace Plunge Bra and Brazilian set for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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