Hi! I’m Candy!

I’m a sex blogger/sex toy reviewer/sex positive writer. In fact if it’s sex related I’m probably involved. A self confessed wank ninja and fuck gadgeteer, I’m also a strongly outspoken plus size advocate.

Why did I become a sex writer? What started out as exploration in my youth has become a mild obsession. Sex is such an important part of my life and fascinates me. The psychology behind our kinks and fetishes is so heavily ingrained in our psyche. They make us who we are and yet we still feel the need to hide them in every day life.

In recent years I’ve felt a need to champion the cause for female sexual empowerment. I’m tired of slut shaming and body shaming. I’m damn proud of who I am, how I look and what I’ve achieved. As a mother of two daughters I want them to have a strong female role model to help them become the awesome women I know they will. I want them to be totally comfortable with whatever pleasure their sexuality brings them. I also want them to understand why it’s important to fight sexual repression as a woman.

I refuse to apologise for enjoying sex. It’s great fun! Why wouldn’t I want to shout this from the rooftops! However I’m having it and whoever I’m having it with! My blog is my celebration of everything I love about my sexuality. And hopefully it will help my readers embrace their own sexual desires and celebrate them too.

As a sex writer I write for YNotCam under the AKA of Katy Seymour. I write about an eclectic range of topics from sex tech to health all with a sex positive angle.

I’ve written articles on body positivity for Kinkcraft and also proudly for the Eroticon blog. I attended this year’s Eroticon and the experience totally altered my writing path.

I began reviewing sex toys on Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel. I quickly gained a love for reviewing and through the panel realised I wanted a home for my own content. And Candysnatch Reviews was born. I still review for the Pleasure Panel and you can find my reviews at the above link.

As a child I wanted to be a writer or a journalist and strangely although it’s taken 30 years I’ve managed to achieve that dream. I’m immensely proud of Candysnatch Reviews. I love doing this and I hope you love reading it.

You can find me on Twitter @CandysReviews, Instagram at Candysnatch Reviews and Facebook at Candy Snatch.

I’m a Part-time Dom. Sometime Sub. Full time Switch. Bisexual and Slightly spikey. This is my blog.

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