What Is Somnophilia?

What is somnophilia - Candy Snatch Reviews

In the world of kinks, there is also one related to sleep – somnophilia. If you are wondering, what is somnophilia? First, we will tell you that there isn’t only one definition. Somnophilia refers to the sexual arousal one has when caressing someone who is sleeping, usually a stranger. Somnophilia occurs without violent and forced […]

How to Reach a Hands Free Orgasm?

How to Reach a Hands Free Orgasm - Candy Snatch Reviews

As you already know, there are many ways to experience an amazing orgasm, and one of them is a hands free orgasm.  This sexual climax is experienced without using hands or fingers, which refers to the one who reaches orgasm. This can be achieved by stimulating other parts of the body, but also only with […]