The holy grail of sex toys has to be the sex machine. For years I’ve been a massive fan of sex machine porn. Avidly watching the force of the machine. Loving the way it pounds flesh relentlessly.

There are a decent range of machines on the market now. But I never imagined I’d be lucky enough to try one out. So when Cara assigned me the You2Toys Rotating G & P Spot Sex Machine to review for Pleasure Panel I nearly fainted.

The Rotating G & P Spot Sex Machine is Sybian-like in design. But offers delicious penetration as well as clit stim as a bonus. One thing that stunned me about using the machine was just how hot it felt. Almost wanton to be perched on top of it getting fucked. I’ve found it lives in front of my mirror. This is purely so the narcissist in me can watch myself get fucked.

I can’t stress enough how much I love the Rotating G & P Spot Sex Machine. It gives me crazy intense orgasms every time. I can’t bring myself to stow it away coz I NEED it to hand.

You can read my review for the Rotating G & P Spot Sex Machine at Cara Sutra. Thank you soooo much to Cara for this amazing opportunity.


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